The Truth About Cheese

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Craving cheese? Munch on these facts first. Can cheese be part of a healthy diet? Yes, as long as you make it a small part. Cheese has saturated fat, so don't eat more than the serving size listed on the package. Choose lower fat kinds if you're absolutely cheese crazy and have trouble watching your portions. That's extra important if you have a heart problem, or if a condition like high cholesterol puts you at risk for one.

Can cheese be nutritious? Yes. It's full of bone-boosting calcium and muscle-building protein. It also has a little vitamin D, which helps you absorb calcium. You can step up the nutrition and feel full when you pair cheese with a piece of fruit or whole wheat crackers.

Can cheese give you bad breath? Yes. It's on the list of food offenders, which includes garlic, onions, orange juice, and soda. Can it make you sleepy? Probably not. Cheese does have tryptophan, which is loosely linked to sleep, but your grilled cheese sandwich isn't likely to make you snooze. Overeating will.