Weight Loss Doctors

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Kenneth Fujioka, MD
We actually now have a certification exam for physicians who want to do what we call obesity medicine or weight loss as their specialty. This is a big deal, because you have recognition from all the other medical societies or multiple medical societies and you’re not going to have a physician who’s trained on how to do weight loss, because its it’s a new specialty. We didn’t know how to do it before. Give you a good example. We used to say, you know what, don’t weigh yourself, just stay on track with your diet, you’ll get frustrated. Now we’ve learned, no, that’s very wrong. If you want to lose weight, you need to weigh yourself every single day and stay on track, because if you don’t weigh yourself everyday, you’re going to get heavier. So, these doctors know things like that, that again, there’s so much misinformation in the field of weight loss, that to have doctors who are now trained in it, have good scientific backgrounds. That’s a big change for the medical field and it’s very needed, and it’s a very good one.