Watch Out for These Weight Loss Myths

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Ready to drop some pounds and keep them off? You can do it. Just beware of these weight loss myths.

First up, carbs. Are they your enemy? Nope. Just choose nutritious ones. Fill up on whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and beans. Cut back on stuff like white bread, and pasta, and processed spoons.

Next, what you sip matters even when you're eating healthy. Choose water over sweetened drinks to save calories. You could add a slice of fruit to jazz up the flavor.

Ever heard that five to six smaller meals a day are better for you than three regular sized ones? Research doesn't back it up. Eating more often might even make you crave food more.

Here is another eye opener. Realistic weight loss goals might not be better than more ambitious ones. Sometimes people will shoot for the moon seem to drop more pounds.

Finally, getting exercise doesn't give you a green light to fill up on junk food. A balanced diet seems to be better at helping you lose weight, but hitting the gym can help you keep the pounds off.

Now that you know fact from fiction, you can start making healthy changes in your life today.