Hormone Replacement Therapy

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: I'm scared of breast cancer from hormone replacement.

Laura Corio, MD
When the WHI study came out in 2002, it was insane what they did with this research and how they presented it to women. I remember I was dealing with WebMD at that point, and coming on line and talking to all the women and telling them not to stop their hormones, if anything, to switch over to the natural progesterone. But what had happened was the study was really done on synthetic hormones and women who started hormones 10 years after the fact, always, my recommendation to women when they go on hormone replacement therapy, they do it around the perimenopause when they are having the maximum symptoms, that they take it for menopausal symptoms and that they take the least amount they need to control their symptoms and for the shortest amount of time that they need to take it, so that they are not getting into twenty years down the line of continuous hormone replacement therapy and getting into trouble with breast cancer.