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8 Reasons To Slooow Down

8 Ways to Rev Down continued...

Eat breakfast. Lack of time is the number one excuse women give for skipping breakfast. But taking just 10 minutes to nourish your body in the morning can prepare you, physically and mentally, for the day ahead. You'll handle whatever comes up with calm.

Floss. Nearly half of all Americans still don't floss daily, according to a recent survey — bad news since flossing has been linked with reduced risk of diabetes and heart disease. Plus, that two minutes of time provides an opportunity to think about the positive happenings of your day, prepping your brain for sound, restorative sleep.

Chop, chop! The repetitive motions of certain to-do's can be surprisingly meditative when you engage all of your senses. While you're chopping vegetables for dinner, tune in to the sound of the knife against the cutting board; soak up the colors of the veggies as the slices fall away; and smell the delicious food you're about to enjoy.

Talk to your guy. "Hi, honey, I'm leaving now. Can you pick up some bread on your way home, and I'll get the kids into the bath?" Sound familiar? The daily divide-and-conquer phone call with your guy doesn't have to be all business. Take a moment to ask how his day went, tell him about yours, or just say, "I love you."


Originally published on September 26, 2007


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