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    Cervical Cancer Clinical Trials

    Major drug companies continually research and develop new medications and treatments, which must be shown to be safe and effective before doctors can prescribe them to patients. Through cervical cancer clinical trials, researchers test the effects of new drugs and treatments on a group of volunteers with cervical cancer. Following a strict protocol and using carefully controlled conditions, researchers evaluate the treatments under development and measure the ability of the new drug or therapy to treat cervical cancer, its safety, and any possible side effects.

    Some patients with cervical cancer are reluctant to take part in clinical trials for fear of getting no treatment at all for their cervical cancer. This is not always true. Patients with cervical cancer who participate in cervical cancer clinical trials may receive the most effective therapy currently available for their cervical cancer -- or they may receive cervical cancer treatments that are being evaluated for future use. These cervical cancer treatments may be even more effective than currently available cervical cancer treatments. The only way to determine if the newer treatment is better than the currently available treatment is by clinical trial participation.

    The following web sites offer information and services to help you find a cervical cancer clinical trial that may be right for you.


    This web site, developed by the nonprofit Coalition of Cancer Cooperative Groups, is an unbiased cancer clinical trial matching and navigation service enabling patients to search for cancer trials based on disease and location.

    National Cancer Institute

    This web site lists more than 8,000 cancer clinical trials, and explains what to do when you find one that you think is right for you.

    This web site offers up-to-date information for locating federally and privately supported clinical trials for cancer.


    This web site lists industry-sponsored clinical trials that are actively recruiting patients.

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