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Weight Loss & Diet Plans

Calorie-Cutting Tricks

How to scale back without feeling deprived
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You can save even more calories by making some smart substitutions when you are in the kitchen. Here are a few modifications you can use to "healthy up" your cooking. Be adventurous, and you'll be surprised to see how delicious a food can be without all those extra calories.

Smart Substitutions to Help Cut Calories
Instead of using: Try:
Cream Fat-free evaporated milk or fat-free half & half.
Fat to thicken sauces, soups, stews Pureed, cooked potatoes or roasted veggies.
Oil in marinades Citrus juices or flavored vinegars.
Stick margarine Tub margarine, vegetable oil, or flavored broth.
All the cheese in a recipe Half the amount of extra-sharp cheese or an equal amount of low-fat cheese.
Wine or alcohol in cooking Flavored broth or apple juice.
Ground beef Half the amount of lean ground meat, and half beans or tofu.
High-fat sauces Fruit or vegetable salsa, or vegetable purees thinned with added broth.
Whole eggs Two egg whites for each egg, or egg substitute.
Oil or butter in baked goods Unsweetened applesauce, baby-food prunes, or fat-free sour cream.

If cutting calories is not your thing, you may prefer to burn extra calories. We all know how easy it is to eat extra calories. How easy is it to burn them?

A 150-pound person can burn 100 calories by:

  • Pedaling an exercise bike for 13 minutes
  • Climbing up and down stairs for 16 minutes
  • Gardening for 18 minutes
  • Walking briskly for 22 minutes
  • House cleaning for 25 minutes

Rich Weil, our fitness guru, has all kinds of fun and exciting tips to help you learn to love physical activity. Drop in on his Exercise and Fitness message board for some new ideas.

The bottom line is to find simple ways to incorporate calorie-burning or calorie-saving steps into your activities of daily living. If they become habitual, you will be successful at losing weight -- once and for all.

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