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Jean's Story: Ice Hockey and a Healthy BMI

A former 'jock' gets her healthy body back
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A New Way of Eating continued...

These days, Jean says she no longer stresses out or obsesses about food. If she wants a piece of chocolate, she has it, enjoys it -- and keeps the portion small.

Before children entered her life, she simply kept junk food out of the house to minimize temptation. But "with the kids, I need to let them have a few treats," she says. "Now I just exercise a little more to make up for extras that I enjoy."

Her fitness routine includes a variety of exercises: bike riding, running, lifting weights, working out on the elliptical machine -- and, as she'd dreamed of, playing ice hockey twice a week on a competitive team.

To Her Goal and Beyond

Jean not only met her goal weight of 150 pounds, but surpassed it; she's now a fit 140 pounds.

"I was dreaming of getting into a size 10 but, I am a proud size 8," she says. "I feel great, have tons of energy, am stronger, more content, and bolstered by the lovely compliments when people tell me I look terrific."

And her doctor was thrilled that she was able to lower her blood pressure without medication.

While it took her more than a year to lose the weight, she is quick to point out how long it took her to gain it. She now understands that her body had to adjust to losing weight, and that it requires time and perseverance.

Her advice to fellow members? "Hang in there, stick with the program, and remember your goals when the going gets tough."

Name: Jean

Lost: 50 pounds in 15 months on the WebMD Weight Loss Clinic Plan

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Reviewed on January 20, 2006

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