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The Secret Formula of Weight Loss

Members agree: Support from our online boards works magic!

It's all About Connections

Your obstacle today was someone else's challenge yesterday. And because of the kindness shared on our boards, your new friends want to share how they met their own challenge and overcame it.

These challenges test your resolve, but working through them makes you stronger -- and the weight-loss results even more rewarding. It's a journey where opening our hearts and minds to help one another can result in major successes.

Yoyomama is so thankful for the creative solutions from her new friends that she attributes her success to the boards: "We have some great minds here offering support and solutions to any and every problem. Amazing! I, for one, could not have gotten this far without it. Thanks to all!"

And Neen writes: "I am thankful for finding YOU online! I never imagined I could find a nicer, smarter, more beautiful bunch of people on line!"

I could not agree with her more. Our WLC family is the best!

Chatting with friends is not only helpful when you are down and out, but according to Vickilynn, it is also just plain fun:

"The message boards are the greatest. The community support is awesome. It is one of the best support systems I have ever found. There are some really nice people here. I hope to see you around a lot. I think you will find it is a really nice place to be and it's a lot of fun too!!!"

This support network can help you overcome overeating and bingeing. Along with your family and friends, support from our staff and fellow members will keep you on task toward your goal of weight loss. Even if you prefer not to post, and simply read the messages from others, you will benefit:

"Yea for me and all of you out there that have helped. Even though I may never have talked to you, I read your notes. I lost my first 10 pounds of many to go." -- Phillisearleen

Staying connected, acknowledging your weaknesses and attacking them head-on will take you a long way toward permanent weight management. Learning how to handle difficult situations and making the necessary changes in your behavior are what it takes to be successful.

I want to thank all of you for what you do for each other, and how you have made a difference -­ not only in the lives of other members but also our Weight Loss Center family.

Keep your eye focused on your goals and believe in yourself. You can do it -- and we are here to support you all the way!

Reviewed on December 09, 2004

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