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    2. Favorite Foods continued...

    I remember going with my extended family each summer to Ocean City, N.J., where we watched in awe -- and tasted with delight -- the Copper Kettle fudge. To this day, a taste of fudge brings me back to childhood bliss. How could I possibly give up fudge? I don''t. I eat it infrequently, but the very thought that it would be stricken from my acceptable food list is heresy.

    It''s human nature: As soon as you attach denial to a particular food, it becomes an obsession. And it doesn''t take a rocket scientist to know that being obsessed with food is no good for weight loss.

    No one wants to give up their favorite foods and at the WebMD Weight Loss Clinic, we embrace that concept. We know you need your favorite foods; it''s your job to be responsible in terms of how often and how much you eat them (unless these favorites happen to be low-calorie fruits and vegetables).

    3. Eating With Your Eyes

    It''s not uncommon to be disconnected to your hunger center, and to instead ""eat with your eyes."" Sometimes, wanting to eat something is all about how yummy it looks.

    Why do you think they push around dessert carts? Most people are full after dinner, but one look at the decadent desserts and they give in -- and it has nothing to do with hunger or fullness.

    4. Cost and Convenience

    Cost and convenience also weigh heavily in our food choices. Time-saving food choices are a major factor for anyone with limited time for shopping and cooking. But expenses can add up quickly when you rely on restaurant, takeout, and convenience foods.

    The good news is that you can stretch your food dollars even when you're crunched for time. Quick-serve restaurants abound; you can always find a nutritious soup, salad, or grilled chicken sandwich that won't sabotage your diet.

    You can also pick up convenience foods at any grocery store that allow you to whip up something "halfway homemade" and have a meal on the table in less than 30 minutes.

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