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NAME: Jamal Anderson

TEAM: Atlanta Falcons

POSITION: Running Back



Anderson was injured in the Falcons' Sept. 20 game against the Dallas Cowboys. While running left, he cut right and immediately fell to the ground. He lay on the turf for five minutes clenching his right knee; then, he was helped up and limped off the field. At first, the team said that it was just a sprained knee, but it was later confirmed he tore the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and would miss the entire season.


Jamal Anderson led his team to the Super Bowl last season, but he may be better known for his end zone dance called the "Dirty Bird." He set team records with 410 attempts, 1,846 yards gained, 12 100-yard games, 16 touchdowns, and 6 consecutive 100-yard games. He also set the league record for attempts in a season and is ranked 9th all-time in running yards. The '98 season marked his first Pro Bowl appearance. After being drafted in the 7th round of the 1994 NFL draft, he first made his mark in 1996, when he gained 1,055 yards in 12 starts. He rushed for 1,000 yards in three consecutive seasons and is widely considered second only to Terrell Davis as the league's top back.


The anterior cruciate ligament is one of four ligaments in the knee joint that stabilizes the knee throughout its full range of motion. The ACL's specific function is to keep the knee from bending forward and from rotating. It is used in pivoting maneuvers -- for example, when running or quickly moving laterally. The ligament is directly behind the patella (kneecap), in the center of the knee. The ACL can be injured in many ways, the most common being a combination of bending the knee and forced rotation of the lower leg. Also common is force applied to the outside of the leg pushing inward, as often happens during a clipping injury.


A sports physician can easily diagnose a torn ACL. By moving the knee and testing its motion, doctors can determine that the ACL has been damaged. Another good indictor of a torn ACL is blood inside the knee joint; if this occurs, there is a 70-80% chance that the ACL is torn. An MRI (magnetic resonance image) can also detect the injury.

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