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Medical Treatment for a Dislocated Finger

The doctor will realign the dislocated bones of your finger with a simple technique. This will often require a local anesthetic injection into the finger to help decrease or stop the pain and allow the doctor to reduce the dislocation and realign the bones. You may also receive medications by mouth, injection, or IV to help the pain and ease the reduction.

  • Your injured finger will then be placed in a protective splint or be "buddy taped" to the healthy finger next to it.
  • The doctor may get a second x-ray to confirm the realignment of your finger and to check for any broken bones that may not have shown up on the first x-ray.

Follow-up Care for a Dislocated Finger

Apply an ice pack to your dislocated finger for 20-30 minutes every 3-4 hours for the first 2-3 days or until the pain and swelling have subsided. This should lessen the pain and swelling that results from the finger dislocation.

  • Elevate your injured finger on several pillows while lying down or on the back of a couch or chair while sitting. This will help reduce swelling and the pain that results.
  • The doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatory medication to help control the pain of your injury. Take only as directed by your doctor.
  • The doctor may refer you to a bone specialist in the week or so following your injury. The specialist will be able to monitor the healing process of your finger.
  • Your finger will be splinted for 3-6 weeks if the healing process goes well.
  • The doctor may give you exercises to perform during the healing process, which will help strengthen your finger and reduce the chance of decreased function of your finger.

How to Prevent a Finger jam

Finger jams are usually the result of an accident and accidents are not always preventable. When possible, however, you should avoid getting your finger stuck in objects such as athletic jerseys, basketball nets, and football helmets.

Wear protective gloves when possible.

Remove rings or other jewelry before participating in athletic events and when working with your hands, particularly around machinery.

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