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    Exercise, Sex Can Boost Heart Attack Risk Slightly

    Risk Very Low for Regular Exercisers, Experts Say
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    Reviewed by Laura J. Martin, MD

    March 22, 2011 -- A new analysis finds that both physical and sexual activity may boost heart attack risk, but for most people, the increased risk is slight and fleeting. For regular exercisers, the risk is even lower.

    "Physical activity and sexual activity are triggers of heart attack and sudden death, but that risk occurs over a very short period of time, on the order of one to two hours, during and after the activity," says researcher Jessica Paulus, ScD, assistant professor of medicine at Tufts University School of Medicine and adjunct assistant professor of epidemiology at Harvard University School of Public Health.

    Her co-researcher, Issa Dahabreh, MD, a research associate at Tufts Medical Center, puts the risk in perspective. "If 10,000 people increased their physical activity or sexual activity by one hour per week, you would expect two or three additional heart attacks or sudden cardiac deaths [in that group] per year," he says.

    That risk estimate doesn't take into account the benefits of exercise, he says, and applies to people about 50 to 64.

    The new analysis is published in The Journal of the American Medical Association.

    Looking for Links Between Exercise, Sex, and Heart Attack

    The researchers scanned the medical literature for studies that looked at the link between exercise, sex, and heart attack or sudden cardiac death.

    They found 10 studies that looked at physical activity, three that focused on sexual activity, and one that looked at both. The studies compared the risk of heart attacks and sudden death when participants were either exercising or having sex to times when they were not.

    They pooled the results hoping to get stronger statistics. They wanted to see if they could identify a pattern not seen in the smaller studies.

    Overall, the researchers found:

    • Exercising boosted heart attack risk 3.5 times. It increased risk of cardiac death nearly five times.
    • Having sex increased heart attack risk 2.7 times. No statistic is available for the link between sex and sudden cardiac death risk.

    While the increase in risk may seem high, the researchers say, the actual chance of the heart problem happening is still low because the initial risk is low.

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