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    Scooters Recalled Due to Handlebar Defects


    And she fears it could get worse: "One of our concerns is that the scooters coming out for the holidays are more high-tech," with some even motorized. "We're worried we're going to see more head injuries."

    The Consumer Product Safety Commission is just one of many groups calling for the use of basic safety equipment. The American Medical Society recommends scooter riders, especially children and adolescents, wear certified helmets, wrist guards, elbow and knee pads. The medical association also recommends close supervision of riders younger than eight.

    A lack of parental supervision has been the major problem with the scooters says Pamela Johnston, spokesperson for the Toy Manufacturers Association: Recently she told WebMD, "the concern is about the parents not following proper safety procedures. There are many good parents who don't know the basics."

    Riders also need to stay out of traffic. One of the Consumer Product Safety Commission's primary guidelines is just that, Ross told WebMD last week.

    "We want to make sure that the people who have the recalled scooters get the replacement or refund, and that everyone who rides scooters uses safety equipment," Ross says. "That's our main goal, to reduce the injuries that are skyrocketing right now."

    Consumers should stop riding both recalled scooters immediately. Call Kent International at 1-800-451-5368 to receive a free replacement handlebar. Return the Racer X20 scooters to the place of purchase for a full refund or a new scooter with a metal joint or call Kash 'N Gold at 800-354-8785.

    The recalled scooters stopped being marketed in September. "So any scooters on the market now should be safe," Ross says. The commission is "hoping" that people will buy safety equipment when they hit the stores this holiday season for scooters.

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