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  1. Safe Drug Disposal Curbs Drug Abuse

    Sept. 27, 2012 -- If you have prescription drugs that are past their expiration date or that you no longer use, you can get rid of them safely this Saturday at a national prescription drug "take-back" event. It's important to dispose of expired drugs or medications you no longer use. They pose a ser

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  2. K2 Trend Not Slowing Down

    “Dude, I honestly think I’m dying.” David, a 19-year-old college student from Atlanta, said this to a friend after trying synthetic marijuana last winter. Just minutes after smoking it, David’s vision blurred. He collapsed to the ground. His heart rate sped up, and he felt intense panic and paranoia

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  3. Fewer Crashes When Docs Report Unfit Drivers

    Sept. 26, 2012 -- Nobody wants to hear that they are unfit to drive -- or have that on their medical records. Yet people who are officially warned that they are unfit to drive have 45% fewer serious car crashes over the next year, say University of Toronto researcher Donald A. Redelmeier, MD, and co

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  4. Suicide, Not Car Crashes, #1 Cause of Injury Death

    Sept. 20, 2012 -- Suicide has overtaken car crashes as the leading cause of injury-related deaths in the U.S. While public health efforts have curbed the number of car fatalities by 25% over the last decade, a new study shows suicide deaths rose by 15% during the same period. In addition, deaths fro

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  5. What's Stopping You From Seeing a Doctor About Depression?

    Are you struggling with depression? Are you getting treatment for it? If not, you’re not alone. About two-thirds of people with major depression never seek appropriate treatment, and the consequences can be devastating: personal suffering, missed work, broken marriages, health problems and, in the w

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  6. Dealing With Anxiety and Phobias

    Your heart pounds, your palms sweat, and you begin to tremble. These physical reactions to danger put your body on high alert. But if you're gripped with fear when there is little or no real danger, like when you're on a plane taxiing down a runway to take off, the real culprit may be anxiety. "Anxi

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  7. Work it Out: Dealing with Job Stress

    It's 9 p.m., and you're still at work. You can't relax at home with unfinished work on your desk. And if you don't get this done, your boss will be upset. At least, that's what you think.  It isn't the work that leaves you unable to relax. It's that you see the work as a threat. Stress is not a reac

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  8. Pot Use in Teen Years May Lower IQ, Study Shows

    Aug. 27, 2012 -- Heavy, long-term marijuana use beginning in the teens can possibly lead to lower IQ, a provocative new study shows. Frequent, continued use of marijuana starting before age 18 was associated with an eight-point decline in IQ in the study. The decline was not seen in users who starte

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  9. Partner Depression Common After Heart Attack

    Aug. 22, 2012 -- When Linda Green recalls her husband John’s 2009 heart attack, her heart races and her hands get sweaty. “It feels like posttraumatic stress,” she says. “I just relive it all.” Though she says she held up well during her husband’s hospital stay, Green says she became anxious and dep

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  10. Hoarders' Brains Overwhelmed by Decisions

    Aug. 6, 2012 -- Two brain regions go on high alert when hoarders must decide whether to keep something they own or throw it away. In a new study in Archives of General Psychiatry, brain images of those regions show that hoarders respond quite differently when making such decisions than people with o

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