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    Q&A With Maria Bello

    The actress talks about social justice, health, and women's rights.


    5. What is your best health habit? Your worst?

    My best is that I see a nutritionist and I've used a line of vitamins and supplements for 14 years now -- every single day. If I miss, I can feel a difference. My worst habit is smoking -- I do think about quitting, maybe one day.

    6. Has a health condition ever altered your daily living?

    Three years ago on New Year's Day, I broke my coccyx -- my tailbone -- snowboarding in Sun Valley. I was towed down the mountain on a little sled. For 6 weeks, it was hard to sit or stand up without hurting.

    7. In your late 40s now, how has your personal health philosophy evolved?

    I really believe mental and emotional health dictate physical health. Some of the sickest people may get better because of a positive attitude; they live in joy and gratitude.

    8. Do you ever recommend a healthy personal practice to your friends?

    I have a green juice most mornings. It's a jolt of energy that's better than caffeine. I mix kale, cucumber, celery, apple, and jalapeno pepper for a sweet and savory flavor.

    9. What could you have done better health-wise growing up?

    Taken better care of my teeth -- I have so many fake teeth. We didn't know how important flossing was.

    10. What disease or condition would you most like to see wiped out in your lifetime?

    My mom is a cancer survivor of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, and I care deeply about that. But from working in developing countries, I want to eliminate diarrhea and the common cold -- "simpler” illnesses that cause big problems.

    11. What do you do to relax?

    Real relaxation is very rare, but about twice a week in my beautiful new Santa Monica home I host dinner parties for international people who share fascinating stories around the table, like a salon. Love is in the food.

    12. How has being a parent changed you?

    I'm a lioness who worried that I'd never be able to protect my son from all the lessons he needs to learn in this life. He always comes first, and he takes me to a place of deep love that changed my acting -- I've gained more depth. 

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