Stress, High Fat, and Your Metabolism

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Dr. Michael Smith
You probably know that feeling depressed or stressed out can make you want to eat more. But for middle-aged women, there can be a double whammy. Researchers have found that eating a high-fat meal when really stressed can lower your metabolism. The women in the study, who were average age 53 with a history of depression, were asked to report stressful events. Most of them were arguments or difficulties at work or home. The experts concluded that eating high-fat foods while stressed could slow your metabolism and lead to a weight gain of close to 11 pounds per year.
The moral of the story is pretty clear
Don't eat high-fat food to ease stress.
Actually, there's another lesson to be learned
Find ways to change your reaction to stressful situations through exercise, meditation, activities you enjoy, and rest. For WebMD, I'm Dr. Michael Smith.