WebMD Countdown: The Many Health Benefits of Yoga

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You may have heard that yoga helps with flexibility and strength. It can even reduce back pain and help with sleeping disorders, not to mention you get to buy cool outfits. But did you know that the stress-reducing effects of yoga can have true, life-changing results? Get ready to be amazed.

Let's start with the big C-- cancer. A study of women with breast cancer found that yoga reduced their anxiety and depression and patients practicing yoga had less DNA damage from radiation. Yoga can help with epilepsy, too. One study showed that Sahaja Yoga, which is a meditation-based approach, reduced seizure and EEG changes. How? By reducing stress, which is a known trigger for seizures.

For those with addiction problems, yoga may be an all-important 13th step toward recovery. One study reported that addicts in treatment said yoga fosters the same kind of discipline and self-peace needed for success in recovery programs. Another study showed that the mindfulness used in yoga is a great complementary therapy to traditional addiction treatment methods.

And the power of mindfulness doesn't stop there. Yoga can also reduce the tremors in Parkinson's patients and help them stabilize their gait. Breathing techniques used in yoga can also help those who have panic attacks. Have migraines? Regular yoga can calm your brain and your pain.

So there you go, folks. You plus yoga equals a healthier you.