Honest Talk: Depression - Nathaniel

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Occasionally I'll feel like, I don't know, down, I guess, is the right word to describe it. Usually when I feel pushed out by people. When I get really stressed out from school, or from work. It feels like I don't want to do anything. Just down for no reason, or annoyed too, for no reason. Just don't want to be around people.

Sometimes if I'm feeling down or stressed out or anything like that, I'll go skating or surfing. That really helps me out because it just distracts me from other things. I don't feel like I'm the best person to ask for advice. But I'd say, I don't know, I just do the things that I like to do.

I try and find time for the things I like to do, and then not worry about other things while I'm doing them. It's hard to do. I mean, it's hard to not worry about things, obviously, I end up if I start thinking about them, I'll start worrying about them. But I try not to as much as I can.