Symptoms of Depression

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If you feel sad, cranky, or depressed most of the day, you should look out for these other symptoms of depression. Not everyone has the same symptoms, but you may lose interest in doing things you normally like to do, or you might feel guilty or worthless or overly tired. You may notice a change in your appetite or how much you sleep, too little or not enough. Thoughts of death or suicide are also signs that something isn't right.

Symptoms can be physical too. You could have new or worsening pain in your joints, back, and your gut. This can be especially true in older people. A change in weight in adolescents and adults, more than 5% in a month, can be an indicator too.

You can have memory lapses or brain fog. You could even see a change in your motor skills, like throwing a ball, typing at a computer, or folding laundry.

If you have symptoms for more than two weeks, it's time to talk to your doctor. Treatment can help make you feel better.