Can I Boost My Metabolism for Weight Loss?

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Dr Fujioka
Boosting metabolism, that’s the holy grail of weight loss. Believe me, there are lots of companies out there trying to find something that will help your metabolic rates. So one of the most difficult times for women is when they have menopause, because there’s a huge drop at metabolic rate. We also know, that whatever it is about that time, there's also a huge drop in activity. So the thing that a woman can do, there are two things she should do, one that can empower her and two, one that can help her with her weight, but start exercising. I know that sounds very simple and it’s actually not just cardio. You need to do some resistance training, that would be incredibly helpful in that group. Because as we age, we loss muscle mass, so this is one way of counteracting that. And it doesn’t mean you need be lifting these huge amounts of weight, but get a personal trainer who knows what they’re doing and can get you to do some resistance training. Fifteen, twenty minutes say twice a week, that’s enough to help out with a lot of these issues of muscle loss as we age.