Healthy Low Glycemic Foods

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Well, we need to give people a list of the healthy low GI foods. Yes, it's true that ice cream and chocolate have a low GI, too. But some really good, healthy foods have a low GI. Things like the steel cut oats. Things like whole grain breads where you can see the kernels of wheat. They're dark and they're dense breads. They have a low GI. Things like pasta, whether it's white or brown, has a low GI. But we want to make those pasta meals, of course, with vegetables and tomato sauces rather than creamy things. So legumes, the beans and the pulses, even the ones that come in a can, they have a low GI, and they're really good for this. They're really the star performers on the low GI scale. So there are lots of healthy low GI foods.