WebMD Now: Shocking Calories in Healthy Foods

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You're being smart with your eating habits, you've traded ranch for hummus, sugary cereal for granola, and chips for nuts. But the bathroom scale isn't budging. The culprit could be in the calories. On average, men should eat around 2,000 calories a day, women just 1,800. So keeping an eye on those calories, even the healthy ones, is key.

Here's a look at some killer calories hidden in your healthy choices. Trading sugary cereal for high fiber rich granola sounds like a great move for breakfast, but granola is often mixed with sugar, molasses, or maple syrup, and one cup can add up to almost 600 calories. Cut back by sprinkling it on fat free yogurt instead of eating a whole bowl.

Hummus. It's the darling of the dips, but it's also packed with a whopping 408 calories per cup. Pull back on the calories by swapping veggies for the pits, and not eating the whole package. Stick with a normal serving size, which is around a quarter cup.

Avocados taste delicious and contain the good kind of fat, so why not chow down? Well, just one medium avocado has 240 to 270 calories. Not horrible, but a bowl of guacamole is usually made with three to four avocados. You do the math.

Nuts are fantastic for you, but consider this. One cup of mixed nuts clocks in at around 814 calories. When snacking, think handful, not jar full.

Listen. We're not saying to stop eating these healthy foods, just stop eating so much of them. Know about portion control and serving size, even when it comes to healthy foods. Your body will thank you.