The Truth About Soda

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Sugary sodas have lots of calories, and add very little nutrition to your diet. Is sugar from soda worse for you than sugar from other foods? Yes. The same amount of sugar in, fruit for example, comes with nutrition your body needs. Fruit also has fiber, which slows digestion and makes it less likely to spike and then crash your blood sugar levels.

Is soda sweetened with table sugar better for you than soda with high fructose corn syrup? No. They're pretty similar. Both have about the same amount of glucose and fructose, so they have the same effects on your body.

Are fruit drinks better for you than soda? Not usually. Beverages labeled as fruit drinks sometimes have even more sugar than soda. Makers often add vitamin C, but there are better sources, with more nutrition and less sugar, like whole fruit, broccoli, and bell peppers.

Is just a can or two of soda day really that bad for you? Yes. Just one or two sugary sodas a day could raise your risk for obesity, diabetes, heart disease, gout, and even cancer. Is diet soda a good alternative? Probably not. Diet soda seems to confuse your brain when it gives the sweetness without the calories.

This can boost sugar cravings, as well as insulin resistance, which could lead to diabetes. The bottom line is that soda is not a great choice for your health. Drink water instead. You can flavor it with cucumber, lime, mint, or frozen berries if plain is too boring. If caffeine is what you're after, drink unsweetened tea or coffee.