5 Natural Ways to Control Crohn's Flares

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Some natural tips may bring relief within your reach when you have Crohn's disease. Foods with probiotics may help stop symptom flare-ups, but studies on this are mixed. Probiotics feed your gut good bacteria to counter the bad. Foods with omega 3s may ease inflammation in your intestine, which can also help you avoid flares, although again the research on this is mixed.

So what should you avoid? Keep a food diary to find out, write down foods and drinks that seem to give you symptoms and share the list with your doctor. Don't forget to drink plenty of water. Crohn's with diarrhea can leave you dehydrated, which makes you feel weak and raises your chances of kidney problems.

Last, keep your stress in check, since it can make your symptoms worse. Try relaxation techniques like tai chi, yoga, and meditation. Practice these tips and stick to your treatment plan to feel better.