Healthier 2021: Three People Share Their Journeys

Follow the Journeys of Laura, Bill, and Mark

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Laura, Bill, and Mark are making big changes in the New Year, and they’ve offered to take us along for the ride. Follow their journeys below. 


March 1: You've Got to Believe in Yourself

Feb. 22: Laura's Boosting Her Immune System

Feb. 17: Laura's Practicing Self-Care

Feb. 8: Laura's Lifting Weights!

Feb. 1: Laura's Staying Hydrated

Jan. 25: Laura's Getting a Boost From Her Support System

Jan. 19: Laura's Got Her Mojo Back!

Jan. 11: Laura Is Finding Motivation in Her 'Why'

Jan. 4: Laura's Ready for a Change


March 8: Bill Found New Motivation

Feb. 24: Sometimes It's Okay to Splurge

Feb. 18: Bill's Using His Scale and Food Log to Keep Him on Track

Feb. 10: These Hacks Are Helping Bill Control His Eating

Feb. 3: Bill's Accepting That His Fitness Isn't What It Once Was

Jan. 27: Bill's Journey Takes an Unexpected Turn

Jan. 20: Bill Is Staying on Track, Even While Traveling

Jan. 13: Bill Is Tracking His Food and Seeing Results

Jan. 6: Bill Lost Weight Before -- Now He's Starting Over


Feb. 26: Mark Has Some Challenges Ahead

Feb. 19: Mark Celebrates Small Victories

Feb. 12: Mark Is Facing His Feelings

Feb. 5: Mark Gives Yoga Another Try

Jan. 29: Mark's Using His Scale for Motivation

Jan. 22: Mark Found Inspiration Close to Home

Jan. 15: Mark Is Becoming More Flexible

Jan. 8: Mark's Fitness Fell Flat During Quarantine -- Now He's Making a Comeback