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    Videos Related to Diabetes

    1. Video: How Insulin Lowers Blood Sugar

      Find out where insulin comes from, where it goes, and how it works to lower your blood sugar along the way.

    2. Video: 4 Things to Keep in Your Diabetes Bag

      Four essentials to keep with you if you have diabetes.

    3. Video: How to Manage Diabetes

      Our expert offers everyday tips to help manage your diabetes.

    4. Video: Type 2 Diabetes Complications

      WebMD lays out ways you can lower your risk for problems that come with diabetes.

    5. Video: How to Lower Your A1c

      See why it’s important to get your numbers checked and keep them under control.

    6. Video: Is There a Special Diet for Diabetes?

      What’s the best meal plan to manage your blood sugar?

    7. Video: Diabetes and Your Diet

      What’s this about the Mediterranean diet and diabetes? What should you watch out for at restaurants? And should you avoid carbs altogether?

    8. Video: What Is the Glycemic Index?

      Is it a useful tool for diabetes? And are foods with a low glycemic index better for you?

    9. Video: Advances in Diabetes Treatments

      Diabetes can mean painful finger pricks. So what’s on the horizon for blood sugar monitors and medicines?

    10. Video: Healthy Habits With Diabetes

      Healthy diet and lifestyle habits can help keep your blood sugar levels in check.

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