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Narrator: Aaron Small, Master Personal Trainer/MS Physical Therapy/BS Phys Ed/Sports Med/ATC.

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Gym Smarts: Upper Body - Lats

This is the Lat pull down machine. To use this machine step into, grab a hold of this long bar, have a seat, you want to make sure your thighs are under this bar,

You'll lean back just a little bit, pull the bar down to your chest, slowly and smoothly. But be careful, you may see people pulling down behind their head.

Which is an incorrect way to use this machine. That can cause and injury. So you always want to make sure you are pulling down in front of your body into your chest

When you are done with the set go ahead and stand up and slowly bring the bar back up to the top

When you are finished with this machine you worked out your lats however we need to work out our rhomboids and our shoulder blade muscles as well which is really good for you posture.

You can use this machine for that. Go ahead and have a seat, lean up against this pad, you want to grab a hold of these handles, very slowly and smoothly you are going to pull backward

Bringing you arms back. You want to imagine the you are pinching your shoulder blades together. Do the motions slowly and smoothly. And when you are done with your set

Slowly bring the weight stack back and let them gently touch.

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