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Analysis Suggests Billions in Savings If Americans Eat More Dairy

Jan. 29, 2004 -- The dairy industry is working hard to promote the idea that Americans would be healthier if they ate at least three servings a day of their products. Now an industry-sponsored review of clinical studies suggests that the nation's ailing health care system would be in better shape as well.

In a study published in January's American Journal of Hypertension, researchers David A. McCarron and Robert P. Heaney estimated that if all Americans ate three to four servings of calcium-rich dairy foods each day, as part of a healthy diet, the health care savings would exceed $200 billion over five years.

The researchers reviewed roughly 100 studies spanning two decades to come up with the figure. According to McCarron, the studies offer strong evidence that dairy foods play a role in reducing the risk of a host of common diseases and conditions, including obesity, hypertension, colon cancer, type 2 diabetes, and heart attack and stroke.

Experts who spoke to WebMD characterize the evidence linking a calcium-rich diet with protection from these conditions as intriguing but far from conclusive. Although it is clear that calcium helps keep bones strong, the jury is still out on many of its other health benefits, they say.

"People who have higher intakes of calcium tend to be those who have better diets and take better care of themselves anyway," American Heart Association spokesman Dan Jones, MD, tells WebMD. "So it is hard to say if the health benefits seen in these studies are directly associated with this particular micronutrient."

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