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7 Clues to Ovarian Cancer

Researchers Find 7 Symptoms Linked With Ovarian Cancer, Dispelling ‘Silent Killer’ Reputation
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Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD

Aug. 25, 2009 -- Seven symptoms often reported to doctors are associated with ovarian cancer, according to a new study from the U.K., dispelling the idea that the deadly cancer is a ''silent killer'' with few clues until the advanced stages.

''Ovarian cancer is not silent, it's noisy," lead author William Hamilton, MD, a consultant senior lecturer at the University of Bristol, tells WebMD in an email interview. "It's just we're not very good at deciphering the noise." Ovarian cancer accounts for 4% of all cancers in women, Hamilton says, but it has the worst prognosis of all gynecologic cancers. His study is published online in

Ovarian Cancer Study Details

In the study, Hamilton and his colleagues evaluated 212 women, aged 40 and above, with a diagnosis of primary ovarian cancer and compared them with 1,060 healthy women. The women went to 39 different general practice doctor's offices in Devon, England.

The researchers looked at the medical records for a year before the cancer was diagnosed and did the same for the healthy women. They took note of what symptoms the women had complained about and at what time.

Ovarian Cancer Study Findings

Seven symptoms were found associated with ovarian cancer, including:

The researchers calculated what they term the ''positive predictive value'' for each symptom -- that is, the chances that a woman with a specific symptom actually does have ovarian cancer.

The symptoms had low positive predictive values -- less than 1% -- except abdominal distension, which had a value of 2.5%.

The 2.5%, Hamilton tells WebMD, means that "one woman in 40 with this symptom will have ovarian cancer." That is a value he considers high, he says. ''It's roughly the same as the risk of lung cancer when you cough blood and the same as colon cancer when you pass blood rectally."

When they evaluated more closely, the researchers found that three of the ovarian cancer symptoms -- abdominal pain, abdominal distension, and urinary frequency -- were reported at least six months before the diagnosis and were significantly associated with ovarian cancer.

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