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Shift Work, Sleep Problems and Your Health

Staying Alert on the Night Shift

1 in 5 Americans work odd hours. How do they get enough sleep?

Shift Work: Related Health Problems

Shift work can lead to ulcers, insulin resistance, and other problems.

Slideshow: Driving Dangers

Falling asleep at the wheel, driving fatigue

Fighting Fatigue and Sleepiness on the Road

We're all at risk of falling asleep at the wheel. What helps keep you alert while driving? Sort the myths from the facts.

Sleepiness: Cognitive Impact, Medical Causes

How Sleepiness Affects Focus and Emotions

Can't concentrate? Forget things? Could be lack of sleep.

Sleep Apnea and Other Medical Causes

Several silent medical problems can lead to daytime sleepiness.

Sleep Basics

Help for Better Sleep

Myths vs Facts About Sleepiness

What really helps you fight off sleepiness?

Sleep Supplements and Herbs

From chamomile to valerian, get the truth about natural sleep aids.

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