20-Minute Tough Total Body Workout with Adam

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Hey, I'm super excited to take you through a 20 minute tough workout.

This baby's going to be full body. Behind me, they're going to start walking while I'm talking.

We're getting our bodies going. How's this thing going to settle out? What we're going to do is this. We're going to do five minutes of strength, 45 seconds of work, 15 seconds of rest.

That will be followed by five minutes of cardio. Same thing, 45 seconds of work, 15 seconds of rest.

And we'll repeat that two times through, you guys. We're going to have some fun. Let's get this baby started. So we're going to get down on our mats here.

We're going to do exercise one, just a staggered pushup. Put your right hand higher than your left. And your left hand down. And then from there, we're going to begin our pushups. We drop it down. We press up. And we switch hand positions every time. Dropping down. Pressing up.

Every time, putting one hand a little higher than the other. And what we're looking to do here is have that chest go right through the center of your hands. So if you have your right hand higher than your left, you want that sternum going right through the center.

And when you switch, it goes the same way. Now over here, Victoria's showing you the modified version of it. And that just means she's assisted through her knees. But the same darn dealio. She's got that core nice and strong. It's looking fantastic. Good job, you guys.

How are we feeling?


Good, how are you feeling at home? I hope you're loving it. Staggered pushups ain't easy, as they say.

We've got about one more rep, you guys. Come on. Push it out. I'll join you. Yes, let's stand up. We got 15 seconds.

Grab whatever weights you have. And we got a variety here. But just give me one of them. Take one of them. You can even use body weight. We're doing what we call rainbow squats. Take that dumbbell over to the outside of your right leg for me here.

Let's go, you guys. And then lift it up over the top. Switch it to the other side. We extend and we bend. We rise and we lower. We're switching our feet.

Notice that every single time when we do this, there's this rotation. My feet point to the side I'm going. And then they shift. And they go the other way. Ankles, knees, and hips, they're bending.

Make sure you're doing that and not this. And you'll see this a lot. People go here. And then up over there. I want you to bend and then extend.

How are we doing?


You guys look good. You guys look good.

So make sure we're working on it. Keep going. Down and up. Stretch here. Drop it here. We got a couple more.

Come on now. Work for me. And you work at your own pace. We're going for quality. If you can give me quantity, do it today. Last few, come on now. Yes, and then we're going to go into a rest. Here it is. And rest, active rest for me.

Now, grab whatever weights you got. It doesn't really matter what it is. Again, we can use body weight. And we're going to do an exercise called come fly with me.

Here's what we do. We step our right leg back. We bend that front leg. And with the weights down in front of us, we're going to lift up and extend those weights out. Come back down and in.

And we continue. We lift up. Stretch our leg back. Come back down and in. Lift up. Stretch the leg. Come back down and in for landing.

How are we doing?


ADAM MICHAEL BREWER: Look at this. This is awesome.

Come fly with me, sounds like an airline's ad. But we're learning, baby. We're learning to fly.

Yes, Victoria's got it going on. Yeah, hey gang, and also, if I felt like I couldn't lift that back leg, you don't have to necessarily. I could just go here and stretch my arms out.

Just bending my knee and then coming up a little bit. You can always balance that way. No problemo. So keep it up, you guys. We got a few more. I'm going to do some with you even without those weights. Lift up. Yes, come on. Last one. I love it.

Shake it out. Put those weights down. We're going to move on now.

We got another tough one. It's called the cross body mountain climber. We got 45 seconds of work. We get down on our mat, hands and knees. Hands under shoulders, please. And then, we're going to step those feet back.

What do we do? Draw the knee across the body to the opposite elbow. And just begin there. Cross your body. Keep the shoulders right over the wrists. Go slowly at first.

And then, if you feel like you can do it, amp it up. Turn it up a little bit. But just remember, you got to keep breathing. Now, if you're in the course of these 45 seconds and you feel like, holy smokes, I can't keep going right now. Pause, like this. And then come back to it when you can.

Are you guys holding on?

Holding on.

ADAM MICHAEL BREWER: "Holding On", it's a song by Jamie Walters back in the old days, guys.

But we're holding on right here. It's 2013. We're holding on. Come on. Let's go. Move that body. Come on. Let's go. We got a couple more. Work with me. We got a few more. Oh, I'm tired. Last one and pause.

Thank goodness, Chef Boyardee. All right, let's get up. I got an exercise I want to do here with or without weights. We're going to stand tall. We're going to step our right foot back. And we're going to do a narrow row kickback combo.

So we pull the elbows up. We kick the hands back. And we bring them back in. We lower down. We pull. We push. We bring it in. And we drop it down. We pull. We push. We bring it in. We drop it down. Continue.

Awesome job at home. Keep that up. Notice, they're keeping their core strong. I want you doing that too. The back leg is nice and long. We got Warren doing awesome set up. Flat back, elbows are squeezing in nice and tight.

I know you're doing it too. And then, he's just sending that weight back. Bringing it in. Think about mind to the muscle here.

How are we doing?



How are you doing? I'm with you, so keep going. Even if you need to pause for a second, you do it for me. I'm going to join you. I got another one. Last one, you guys. Pull it up. Push it back. And release. 15 second pause.

First round of strength. We've got to go to our first round of cardio, gang. Woo, good job. We're going with a front kick, back kick. We're going to start with our right foot going forward. Here we go. Right foot forward, left foot back. Right foot forward, left back. Kick that foot up. Send it back.

Now, try to keep your arms up in front of you if you can. They're right up here. Send the leg out. And then send it back. If you happen to have tight hamstrings, the back of your leg, don't kick that high.

Imagine there's just something down low. Now just go here. Make it through is the key, [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. I love it, man. Keep it going now. We're having fun with it. That is the key, you guys. Front foot, back foot, kick it up. Kick it out. Come on. Keep the rhythm.

The rhythm's going to find you. Or is the rhythm going to get you? That's what Gloria said, right? The rhythm's going to get you.

Oh my God, let's go. Kick it up. Kick it out. Kick it up. Kick it out. Beautiful, last one and shake it out, baby. Nice job.

We're huffing and puffing. I'm hoping you're huffing and puffing. That means we're working. We're going to do some side to side skaters next.

Let's do that now. We're going to go to our right. Over and back. You could hop it like we're doing it. We're preparing for Easter like the Easter bunny. Or you could just be stepping it, man. I'm going like, holy crud, I'm working hard already.

So I'm going to do this. How often do you get to use the word crud these day? Not very often. It just feels good to say that.

Let's go side to side. Come on. Skate with me, baby. Yes, Bonnie Blair, Apollo Anton Ohno, look out. Look at this crowd. Taj, Victoria, Warren, and Adam, and you, we got it all. Keep going.

Oh my gosh, let's work now. Side to side, got a couple more, you guys. How much more? We can do this. Come on. We got about another five, four, three, two, come on now, one.

And we're going to do it. And shake that son of a gun out.

Yeah, you know what? We got to do the other side with front back kicks. So we're going to do it right now. And what's going to happen, we're going to be taking our left foot forward.

Let's get ready. Shake, shake, shake it out. Ready for it? Let's do it. We go forward. We go back. It's the opposite levers. So we're kicking the left forward now. And that right foot back. Come on.

Keep smiling. Keep breathing. Whew, yes, we're working now. I love it. Keep going. 45 seconds of this. And again, if I get tired, way too tired, default position is right here. OK, we just call it active rest.

I catch my breath.

And go, whew, man, I need a little break. But I don't. So I'm coming back to you right now. Push and release. Push and release. Imagine things that have been blocking you from getting to where you want to be in your health and wellness. Kick them out of your way. You're here now.

Let's do this. Nice, you guys. Come on. We can do it. Nice, last few. Last one. Shake it out, baby. Woo, we got knockout punches coming. I'm excited for it.

But I'm also looking forward to this rest. I'm not going to lie to you guys. Are you looking forward to it? Let's change it up here in about five seconds, you guys. Keep breathing for me.

All right, here's what it looks like. We're going to take your left foot out and your left arm out this way, like this. And we go across and change. Now just go. Keep going back and forth. I could step it, if I needed to. Or I can go, whew. But get the extension of the arm. Really let that thing reach. Nice. Yeah, I love it.

I wouldn't want to get in a fight with you, nor with you, nor with you. I like it. Yes, yes, we're moving . We're grooving. You guys got it. Come on now. Come on.

Let's work. I cannot believe what's coming next. I know you're going to be excited when I tell you. But for now, we're still doing these knockout punches. Come on. Let's go. Breathe with me. Let's go. Every time extend that arm, I want to exhale. Yes, and there it is.

Shake it out. But my gosh, my golly, what comes next? Burpees, oh my gosh. Let's do it facing this way, you guys. So get yourself tall. Stay in the middle of your mat, so your feet can go back. We're going to do a lot of different varieties of this. So do the best you can to pick one that works for you.

Arms go high. We go down to our mat with our hands. Our feet go back. Feet come in. Stand up again. Baseline, go back. Come in. Stand up again. Go back.

Come on. When your feet go back, what I want to make sure you do is you keep your core strong. One of the modified versions, we got Victoria doing it right over. Taj, forgive me. So what's happening is Taj is jumping it back, but not jumping at the top. Beautiful stuff from Taj.

Warren, over here, is adding a jump at the top. He's also adding a pushup at the bottom. Really, really tough. And we got Victoria right here, you guys. Stepping it back. Stepping it in. There's something for everybody right here. Come on.

One more, you guys. Oh my. And stand tall. And shake it out. My gosh, my golly, we are about halfway through this, son of a gun. We got to do another set of strength, you guys. And we got three point pushups coming up in just a moment. So if you need to keep resting, you do.

Move your weights aside. We're going down to the mat. Hands come together in the center. Three points, fingers together in the beginning. We do a pushup here.

We come up. We put the hands under the shoulders. We do a pushup here. Bam, we take the hands out wide. We do a pushup there. And we repeat that. Hands together, pushup, yes. Hands under shoulder, elbows in, pushup. Hands out wide. Yes, and we continue.

That's looking good, you guys. Keep breathing. If you honestly need to pause right now, pause. This is a lot of work in 20 minutes. Victoria, right now, again, showing the modified version.

Please don't be afraid to do this. When you get really tired, you guys, again, this is what I want you to go to. Or child's pose, sit back and breathe. Few seconds and rest. Good job, you guys. Oh my gosh, my golly, can I stand up, please? Yes.

Let's stand up. We're going to grab our weights. We got to do a dumbbell functional press with a little knee raise. I think we can do it. The arms are going up, so are the legs. Here we go. Alternate your leg lifts. Push, push. And again, if I'm doing this, and I'm marching my legs and I'm pressing my arms, and I say, my gosh these weights are knocking my socks off

today, I do this. Yeah, what a sweet release that was. Sometimes you just got to drop it. But you try to keep moving. And if I get way overwhelmed, I'm here. If I feel like I can come back to that press, I do what I can.

I go right back up. And I can pace it. Come on, you guys. Hang in there. I'm feeling tired, so I'm going there. Yes, come on. You can too. How come I'm the only one struggling? Let's go. Let's work. Last three, come on. Last two, and last one. Shake it out. Awesome, man.

Woo, everybody's doing great. Take a breather. We got to do the other leg come fly with me, you guys. So grab your weights again right now. We're going to take that left leg back. We take the left leg back. The dumbbells hang down underneath us again. And we come fly with me. Come fly, come fly away. Yes, and I keep lifting off and lowering back down. Lift up. Lower down. Lift up. Lower down.

Now again, what's happening here, to the best of our ability, is one, we're breathing. Yes, but then we're also lifting that weight up to right about shoulder height. Breathe as we get into this position every one of them. Lift off. This is full body central. Yes, come on. You guys are doing it. Come on. Last three, last two, oh my, come on, and pause.

We're taking an extra break on that one, you guys. I'm tired too. Woo, Spiderman lunges are coming next. Are you ready for it? Move your weights aside. We're going to pace ourselves on this one. We get ourselves down on our mats, OK. Put your hands about shoulder width apart. Upper pushup, or on your knees if you need the assist.

I want to bring your right leg forward. Put it right outside your right hand. Take it back. And do the other side. This is the full version. But if I need to, again, I can come from my knees. I get right here. Bring the foot up. Put it just outside my hand. Take it back.

Same thing on the other side. Keep going, you guys. Awesome stretch for your hips. Incredible shoulder stability. Ab activation. My gosh, my golly, there is so much going on here. Keep it up, you guys.

I love what I'm seeing. Yes, Taj. She's got it going with a lot of speed here, you guys. Come on, come on. You guys have it going on. Let's do it. For five, for four, for three, for two, and for one, good.

A lot of huffing and puffing happening. That's what we're trying to do. Oh my, let's grab our dumbbells. We got another exercise. We got to do our other side with the row kickback combo. The other leg is working, you guys. So let's get ourselves set. Take that, in this case, left leg back. Let the arms hang. We pull up. We push back. We pull up. And we push back on all these. Pull, push, release, and drop it. Pull, push, release, and drop. Pull, push, release, and drop. This should be a song. Pull, push, release, and drop. Yeah, pull, push, release, and drop.

Victoria, pull, push, release and drop. Come on. Pull-- she's like, I can't speak, man. Release and drop. Pull, push, release, and drop. Come on. Pull, push, release, and drop. One more. Pull, push, release, and drop. I am. There is it. Holy smokes.

My gosh, my golly, what do we got next? Woo, man, we are breathing hard. We're moving into our cardio phase, you guys. If that wasn't already-- holy smokes, that was cardio strength. We're doing up and over with a knee raise. Our arms are in rainbow and our legs are lifting. Get the arms up for me. Here we go now. To the side, to the side. We're over the top. Stretch, stretch, lift the leg and sweep the arms.

Let's go. You guys got it. Come on. Work it over the top. We're stretching our arms. We're moving our legs. And my, does this feel good.

It feels good.

Thank you.

Yes, come on. Even if you're struggling, if I try to make it playful like we are, you just go, oh my, it's only 20 minutes. It's only 20 minutes. You can do this. We're almost done. This gets you through the day, baby. Come on. Sweeping these things. Sweeping these things. Let's go. Come on.

We're working. We got about another 10 seconds, you guys. So hang with me. If I get tired, put the arms down and just go here. Go like this or like this. I know you can do it. I know you can do it. We got about four seconds, you guys.

Come on. Ah, thank you. Breather, 15 seconds. Great job here. Great job at home.

Pop squats are coming. Feet start together. Let's get this rocking. Here we go. We pop it out. Pop in. We pop out. We pop in. If this gets too tough, I go here.

And I think Victoria's showing us that version from time to time. Stepping it out. Dropping in. Coming right back up again. When you go out, I want you to think about those knees tracking right over the toes. We're almost to the end of this baby. Hang in there. The finish line is present. Why am I doing it from down here? Because it feels good. Come on. Let's go. Finish line, it's in front of us. Keep yourselves going.

How are we going?


Come on. Again, if you need to, right here. Right back in. Right here. Right back in. Come on. We're doing it.

This one's rocking, you guys. Come on. Yes, in three, in two, and one, I had to pause even earlier because that was killing me. Now, we're going to go cone up and overs. So you guys, grab a cone. Could be a soup can, anything you got. Put it behind your mat. You don't want to have that thing right in the center of it.

We want to be able to step over it. Simply stepping over the top of this baby. And we're going to do that in three, in two, and one. So base level, if you need a recovery right now, do it like this. Just lifting the feet over going, woo, thank goodness that I had this time. If you're still feeling a little sparky, right here. I got this going.

That's sparky or spunky, if you care. But we're going up and overs. If you really got juice, you could be going here. But my gosh, you'd be working your buns off. So you pick one that's working. I'm lifting my legs up. I'm working hard. Every single one of us is sweating, including you right now. Yes, this is our second to last, if not few more. Come on, you guys. Let's go. Hang in there with me. We can do this. Up and overs.

Let's get off. Come on. Let's push ourselves this last few. Last three, last two, and we pause it. Thank goodness. Man, we got two exercises. We can do this. We're doing crazy eights, these little sweeps of our feet, you guys. Pace yourself as we get towards the end of this.

Straddle the cone, yes? And as we begin this, this what it looks like. You sweep your right leg behind it. Come back around. Left behind it. And we're just sweeping it. I'm working my outer thighs. I'm working coordination. I'm working footwork.

And then I start to go. A little more step. But again, if I'm spent right now, this is what I do. I just catch my breath. If even this is too much for you, just come here for a second. There ain't no shame in my game taking a break because I'm being real with myself, you guys.

That's what you got to realize. Far too often, people overwhelm. There's a point to which we want to challenge, but not overwhelm. And if I'm feeling like, oh, I'm there. Catch it right here. Come back when you can.

Little sweeps, little sweeps, oh man, we got four. We got three. We got two. We got one. Let's march in place. We got one exercise to go, you guys. Man, good job at home. I'm telling you. This is a tough workout. That's why it's called--

Here's what we got, low jacks. It's our last one. Let's put our feet together. Let's put our hands behind our head and bring our elbows in.

And then we go like this. We open. We close. We open. We close. We open and close. I can step this out. And go like this. And step it in. Figure out what you can do. This our last one, baby. Push yourself. You get to rest after this. Come on. Sweat's coming down. That's what we want. We're getting our heart rate up. We're burning lean muscle. We're building our body and our mind. Come on, 20 seconds of your life.

I know you can do this with me. And if I get tired, come on, that's OK. Push. But I'm going to step it out because my legs are burning.

Come on. Let's go. Try some low jacks at home. You'll know what I'm talking about. I know you're doing it with us. Come on. We got five. We got four. We got three. We got two.

Oh my, it is through. Great job. Yes, and great job at home. 20 minutes tough in the bank.