5-Minute Cool Down

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Hey, I've got a great five minute cool down recovery segment for you.

We're going to start with your hamstrings.

We're going to take that right foot out, let the toes lift off the ground, and then we're just going to sink into the hips.

Allowing this leg that's supporting me to bend, and the leg that we're addressing-- our right leg-- to be straight.

We're getting the back of that leg.

If you feel it right here with your hands on your hips, and you're already feeling that stretch, keep it there.

And just allow yourself to breath.

If you want to take it further and reach down and touch the toe with the same side hand, absolutely, positively, sure shoot and go there.

But just let yourself stay in that position-- whichever one you most feel it.

Again, try not to force the position.

If you're already there-- like I said-- up here, allow it to be there.

It's not some race or some competition to get to the toes here.

It's to feel the stretch.

That's what I want you to remember.


We're going to come up from there.

We'll do the other side, you guys.

We take that left foot out.

We stick it up-- the toe into the air.

Sink into it.

Notice where you feel it, keeping a flat back.

If it's here, stay here.

If you can go further, take the hand down and breathe.

Let the breath flow, inhaling and exhaling.

If you're finding yourself struggling to find a rhythmic breath, come up a little bit so you can actually find the breath.

We're breathing here, you guys.

Last few moments.

Ah, yes, good.

And then we're going to come on up.

Rise into it.

We're going to do our quad-- the front of our leg-- next.

We're going to take that right heel, and we're going to bring it into our bottom.

So as we bring it in, just activate your abs.

Try to stand nice and tall.

And find your balance.

If you happen to fall off balance, don't worry about it.

Throw away the judgment.

Allow yourself to just come back to it playfully, because we all do it, right?

I'm in this position.

I'm challenged.


And I come out of it.

Son of a gun.

It happens.

I can just come back calmly and try it again.

Last seconds here.


Let's release.

We'll do the other side, you guys.

We're going to draw that left side in.

I pull it in.

Find my balance, if I can, right?

Get a hold of that foot.

Allow myself to be centered.

And sometimes, it even helps to just fix your vision on a spot in space.

And just let yourself breathe.

Draw that heel in.

Try to keep the knees close together.

And breathe.

Breathe, breathe, breathe.

Beautiful, you guys.

I love it.

All right.

We're going to take those feet out now.

Nice and wide.

We'll get into the groin a little bit.

Toes pointing straight ahead, maybe slightly out.

And we're going to drift on over to the right side.

Let yourself sink in.

Some might have their hands on top of the thigh.

Others may put the forearms there.

And you might be able to get down here toward the ground, right?

But we're just allowing the knee to track the toe wherever it is.

Let your butt be back.

And again, just breathe right into the position you find most comfortable, where you're feeling the stretch but not straining.



We'll come on up.

We're going to do the other side.

Just shift gracefully over there.

Drop into it.

Maybe one side's tighter, and you have to stay up here where on the other side, you could touch the ground.

That's the human body, right?

Don't be judgmental of that, either.

Just let it be, and breathe.

We're recovering.

We're recovering.

We're recovering.

Beautiful, you guys.

All right.

Let's come on up into the center.

From here, we're going to move to the upper body for me, you guys.

Simply here, we put our feet together.

Hands at the sides.

We're going to sweep those arms up nice and high.

Bring them together at the top.

Interlace, point our fingers up.

And I want to drift over to the right side a little bit.

Open up your side body.

Breathe here.

We'll come back to the center.

Stretch high on an inhale.

Drift to the opposite side.


I love it.

Come back to the center.


Gently let the hands fall.

We're going to take them back behind us now.

Interlace those fingers back there.

And then draw the shoulders back, and root the hands down towards your heels.

We're just opening up your chest and shoulders.

Breathe for me now.


Let's take our right arm across our chest.

Come up underneath, just in between the elbow and the shoulder.

And just draw it in.

We're getting the front side, actually stretching it out here.

Let's go.

Let's go the other side, you guys.

It's called protraction-- bringing the shoulder forward.

We don't do a lot of this, because we spend a lot of time during our day in this protracted position, so a little bit.


And then we're going to go here.

We're going to take our hands out in front, palms together.

A little bend in our needs.

I want you to draw your right arm back, stretch it back.

Reach it open, like a bird spreading its wings.

Let your vision follow your hands.

And just breathe.

Let's bring that hand back to the center for me.

They connect once more.

Draw it back on the opposite side.

Stretching back, reaching.

Vision following the hands.

Come back together for me.

They connect.

Let them fall.

We're going to take about 10 seconds to just shake out the body here and just stand in stillness after we've done that.

You can shut your eyes.

You could keep them open.

Your hands could be at your sides.

Your hands could be at the center of your heart.

But just be still for a moment.

[BEEPING] Beautiful.

We're going to finish with a Suncatcher.

Hands go to your sides.

We'll do this three times.

On an inhale, we sweep the arms up.

They raise high.

On an exhale, I open them up nice and wide.

Two more of these.

On an inhale, I rise high and stretch.

Exhale, open, release.

And last one.

On the inhale, I stretch to the sky.

And on the exhale, I fall toward the earth.

And there you have it.

A little five minute cool down recovery.

Thank you very much.