Easy 5-Minute Core Warm-Up

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We are going to work our core to the extremities.

And we're going to warm this body up so that we can really work it out.

We're going to work your abs and your back. We're going to bend at the knees. Nice. Use your legs, not your back.

We're going to walk it forward. We are going to plank three times. 16 second holds. And go.

This is your first plank. Make sure that your shoulder, your elbow, and your wrist are in alignment.

Your fingers are open. Your feet are outside your shoulders or at hip distance a part. Your eyes are looking into your horizon. Nice.

Walk your hands back. 16 seconds.

Ah, we're going to rest it out. Eight more seconds, we're going to take it back downstairs. Say, yes. I can't hear you. Give me a yes.

You're going to walk it forward. Plank number two. Nice.

Make sure your shoulder is over your elbow, over your wrist. Looking into your horizon, drive your navel into your spine. Woo. I'm starting to feel this. Are you? Awesome. Nice. Four more seconds.

You're going to start to walk it back. And go. 16 seconds. Nice. We're going to rest.

Inhale and exhale. Don't forget to inhale and exhale. It's the best thing you can do for yourself. You're going to walk it forward. Last plank.

Can we do this? Yes, we can. Open those fingers. Again, elbow, wrist. Nice.

To your shoulder, driving up into a plank. Drive your navel into your spine. Your spine is neutral. You have four more seconds. Two.

Let's start walking those hands back. Woo. Drive it all the way up.

We're not done. We're working now on exercise number two. We're going to take this to your left or right side. I'm turning into my right side.

You are welcome to use a weighted object or not. These are full-range sit ups. Make sure that your heels are locked into the ground. Your shoulders are up towards your ears and behind you. We're going to take the weighted objects or your hand, we're going to drive upright to your chest, all the way up into a full-range sit up.

Our goal is to complete 8 to 32 repetitions in 60 seconds. Nice. Our technique is awesome. Yes.

Now if you like, you want to make this a little bigger, increase your range of motion. Working a little harder.

And guess what? If you really want to work super hard-- and I know you can-- you're going to speed this up. Why? Our goal is 8 to 32 repetitions in 60 seconds. How do you feel? Awesome. Woo.

We're almost there. I know you can do this. Excellent.

Please be sure-- nice-- remember, you have an apple in between-- a big apple-- between your chin and your chest. Nice. Two. Last one. Woo. 60 seconds. Awesome.

Now don't forget, we're still going to use that weighted object. It could even be a water bottle. Make sure you dig your heels. We're going to perform torso rotations in that sit up position. Make sure you lean back.

It looks like you're falling, but you don't. Tap your sand bell or your weighted object or your hand.

You decide. We are performing, how many? 8 to 32-- yes-- repetitions in 60 seconds. You could make this a little more difficult because you can if you lift one leg. I'm lifting my left. Nice.

You can switch arms. You can just hold it if you like. That's an option.

If you perform this exercise with a leg lift, make sure that you alternate legs with or without-- nice. You want to make this really gangster? I dare you.

Lift both legs.

Come on.

Do it.

Do it.

Do it.

Long legs.

Bent knees.

They both work.

Woo. Try not to stop.

32. 32. 60 seconds.

Don't stop. Come on. Are you going? You're going?

Oh, my god. This is a great exercise. Yeah, you can do it. Come on, come on, come on.

Come on.

Don't stop. There's no stopping.

No stopping. No stopping. Amazing.

You guys rock.

Three exercises.

Keep track of your counts.

We're going to take this up. Take a nice little stretch. Nice.

We're going to inhale and exhale. Round it up.

Use your spine.

Use your legs.

Round it all the way up. Anatomical position. Open arms.

Full range.

Arms overhead.

Palms together.


Palms down.


Palms all the way up.

Open palms to side.



All the way up.


One last inhale. One last exhale. To close or not to close the legs. That's up to you. Heels together. Nice.

Walk it in. Excellent. Arms overhead. One more push. Nice.

And up.

Palms at your side. Push from you. Your left hand. Your right palm. Your heart. Thank you.

Rock it out. [MUSIC PLAYING]