5 Ways to Keep Your Workout Fun and Fresh

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Sometimes you get in an exercise rut. And staying motivated is half the battle. So here are five ways to add some excitement to your routine.

Go retro. Find an '80s workout video and get physical, remembering what it was like to aerobicize, Jazzercise, and walk like an Egyptian.

Sock it away. Instead of paying for a gym, put money in a piggy bank every time you work out. Use the cash to reward yourself, instead of a gym membership.

Do it for the picture. Walk or run to beautiful spots around town, and post online pics for all to see.

Get competitive with friends. Step challenges are easier than ever with apps and devices. Get to know the people in your office, school, and neighborhood, and challenge them to have you pushing the limits of your daily movement.

Make TV your workout buddy. Only watch your favorite shows while you're on a treadmill or doing exercise in your living room. Try squats, sit-ups, and push-ups while you watch, and see how quickly you get buns of steel.