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I've got a nontraditional exercise for you today. It is an exercise that's built around your mindset.

Not only do you need to develop your body, but you also got to take care of what's going on between the ears.

First thing in the morning when you're laying in bed, before you get out of bed, I want you to lay there and I want you to think about all those things in your life that you can actually be grateful for.

It can start with the fact that you have a bed to sleep in.

That you have clothes to wear. That you have food to eat. That you have friends. That you have family.

Let your imagination go wild and let that list grow. It only takes you a minute.

And what I'd love you to do is do it seven days a week. That's called conditioning the body and the mind to accept this into your being, right?

And over time, if you continue this practice, you're going to find your ability to think positively throughout the day becomes a lot easier.