High Intensity Interval Workout

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Today we're going to do a High-Intensity Interval Training workout, or HIIT, H-I-I-T. What we'll do is 20 seconds of an exercise, pushing as hard as you can, then taking 10 seconds' rest. We'll repeat that eight times, so the whole workout will take only four minutes.

You can throw in these four minutes once or twice a week to change up your regular routine on some days. Now, this workout is so intense it's in the name, so make sure you're in decent shape and you've warmed up first

All right, let's start with 20 seconds of jumping jacks.


If you need to, you can kind of make them small at first, but really work up towards a full range of motion. And as they get a little easier, go faster. All right, 10-second rest.

We're going to get ready for high knees. Push yourself. You'll want to reach about 90% of your maximum my heart rate. All right, get ready. Here we go.

Make sure you're swinging your arms with your legs. All right, five more seconds. All right, 10-second rest.

Grab your dumbbells. We're going to do squats with dumbbell raises. Here we go. Make sure the weight stays on your heels not your toes.


All right, last one. You can put your weights down. Get ready to get down on the floor for mountain climbers. Good, deep breath. Here we go.

Again, you can start slow. But then, as it gets a little easier, pick up the pace.

All right. You'll notice we're really using all of our muscles with these exercises. 10-second rest.

Then back do jumping jacks. Here we go.


10 more seconds. All right.

Now, when you do these intense workouts, you're getting the same benefits as a much longer workout. All right. Get ready for those high knees. Here we go. Remember, swing those arms nice and hard, but keep your core really tight.

All right, here we go. Grab your dumbbells. Squats and dumbbell raises. Big, deep breath. Here we go.

Now, keep your squats nice and kind of short at first. As they get easier, all the way down so your thighs are parallel to the ground. Almost there, guys. All right, last one.

Now I'm going to head down to the floor for mountain climbers. All right, here we go.


All right, last one. Let's pick up the pace. All right, you did it. Great job.

Now, don't just stop. Move around a little bit. Bring your heart rate down slowly, and then stretch it out.