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    Colorectal Cancer: Tests

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    Colonoscopy is the most commonly used screening test for colon cancer and is the “preferred” test of the American College of Gastroenterology.


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    Colonoscopy Risks

    Going for your first colonoscopy? This lets a doctor check your colon and rectum for cancer and polyps -- growths that can be early signs of cancer. It saves lives, so if your doctor suggests you get one, be sure you do. It’s a fairly safe exam. On average, just 2 serious complications occur for every 1,000 procedures performed. But it’s not without risks. Here are four you should talk to your doctor about.

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    Flexible Sigmoidoscopy

    Find out how a sigmoidoscopy is used to look for early signs of colon cancer and learn what happens during the procedure.

    Flexible Sigmoidoscopy

    Barium Enema Screening for Colon Cancer

    A barium enema is infrequently used with the increasing use of endoscopy and CT to screen for colon cancer. Learn about the procedure and what to expect during and after the test.

    Barium Enema Screening for Colon Cancer

    CT Colonography (virtual colonoscopy)

    Computer tomographic colonography uses computer images to construct images of the inside of the colon. Further studies are needed to evaluate its effectiveness. It is also referred to as a Virtual Colonoscopy.

    Proctoscopy for Rectal Cancer

    With a proctoscopy, your doctor can monitor the growth of rectal polyps or check for a return of rectal cancer in people who have already had surgery to treat their cancer.

    Proctoscopy for Rectal Cancer

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