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    The best ways to get your boost

    If my husband doesn't drink some by 10 a.m., he can expect a man-sized headache by early afternoon. My best friend can't speak in full sentences until she gets hers. I'm talking about coffee, of course! But the real addiction here is to the caffeine IN coffee, not coffee itself.

    My husband is a two-mugs-a-day drinker, so it's not like he's guzzling java all day long. Still, his body is dependent on the caffeine kick from those two mugs. As long as he gets one cup of coffee in the a.m., he's generally headache-free. Trust me; I've spent many a morning on vacation tracking down a coffee source for him.

    The truth is that there are lots of ways to get your caffeine fix. Some of the people chugging down those Big Gulps all afternoon may be in it for the caffeine. Another popular way to get caffeine is tea, hot or iced. A can of diet cola (or similar) will give you around 42 milligrams of caffeine, while a cup of hot tea usually has almost 50 milligrams.

    I'm afraid eating chocolate can't compete with the caffeine power of a cup of Joe. Even a 2-ounce chocolate bar has only 36 milligrams of caffeine -- a drop in the bucket for hard-core espresso drinkers! Not that caffeine is the main reason people eat chocolate, but be warned that getting your caffeine fix in the form of chocolate is going to cost you in calories! Two ounces of chocolate will run you approximately 270 calories and 16 grams of fat.

    Here's a chart of some common caffeine sources and exactly how much of a wallop each packs:

    Caffeine Sources
    Approximate Caffeine Content (mg)
    Coffee, regular (1 cup)
    Espresso (1/4 cup)
    Cappuccino, regular (1 cup)
    Latte, regular (1 cup)
    Tea, brewed, hot (1 cup)
    Nestea Iced Tea, Earl Grey (1 cup)
    Cola soda, regular or diet (12 oz)
    Mountain Dew (12 oz)
    Chocolate, semisweet (1 oz)
    Chocolate milk (1 cup)
    Cocoa powder (1 tablespoon)

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