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Exercise for everyday living. Squat and Press

The exercise that Dori is about to perform is great for functional training as if you were picking up a bag, putting it on to a top shelf, getting groceries

Picking anything off of the floor. She's performing a squat and a press on the core board. Where she is involving her quadriceps, gluts, hamstrings,

the lower back, abdominal muscles, her shoulders or deltoids and her triceps. This exercise is great for moms going to pick their baby up from lower location and bringing them up to a higher location.

Moving a box from a lower location to a higher location and taking luggage down. It really focuses on a multi-functional movement.

You're using your lower body and upper body at the same time and she's balancing on the core board at the same time. Good core stability. She is staying in a good posture.

She's going to inhale on the way down and exhale on the way up. This exercise is great for injury prevention, because if you are picking anything up from a higher location or lower location.

You want to activate those muscles so they get used to that range of motion.

Side to side step

If you have arthritis, joint, or balance issues going up and down the stairs, this exercise is great for you. By stepping side to side on to the core board, on and off,

You will actually use your transverse abdominal, quads and gluts to make that your balance effectively on the board.

As you'll notice, she has a medicine ball at her core center and can simulate a baby, luggage, bag of groceries, anything

I would perform 10 -12 reps for 3 set with each leg as a lead leg.

Oblique toe touch and bicep curl

This exercise that Jill and Shantell are performing is a oblique toe touch and bicep curl. This exercise really focuses in and works on picking things up from a lower location

and bring it to hard center. I would do 10 reps each leg, keeping both side even. So muscles involved here are your core stability muscles, your transverse abdominal, hamstrings, biceps.

You guys are doing great

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