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Narrator: Ron Ward, Personal Trainer, ACE, NASM, AFAA.

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Gym Smarts: Abdominal Twist on Core Balance Platform

One more exercise that we're going to do for the core; We're going to use the free motion machine again. We're going to use the core training platform also.

We're going to ask Dori to come in right now and help us demonstrate this exercise. If you notice she stands on the platform, um.. and gets her balance.

Her feet are shoulder width apart, then I'm going to give her the weight, the straps and she is going to start by stabilizing her hip flexors; then slowly twisting with the weight.

If you can look at her hips they're stabilized and only her top half of her body is moving.

This exercise is done by doing 3 sets for at least 10 reps and alternating sides.

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