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    1. Can I Get Pregnant If He Pulls Out?

      What is the withdrawal method and does it work?

    2. Is Heart Disease a Worry if I Use the Pill?

      Find out if your risk for heart disease and blood clots goes up if you take birth control that has the hormones estrogen and progestin, such as the pill or other methods like injections, IUDs, and the patch.

    3. What's the Best Birth Control for Teens?

      Preventing teen pregnancy means using birth control correctly, all the time. That's why experts say the best types of birth control for teens are long-acting contraceptives.

    4. 'Natural' Birth Control: What to Know

      How do “natural” methods of birth control work? Learn more about family planning, rhythm method, cervical mucus, and more.

    5. What Birth Control Is OK When You’re Breastfeeding?

      Some contraceptive choices may be better than others when you’re nursing your baby.

    6. Stopping the Pill? 10 Ways Your Body May Change

      Whether you’ve been using hormone birth control for a short while or a long time, you may be in for some changes when you quit.

    7. HIV Rash: Causes and Treatments

      Rashes are a common, and often the first, symptom of HIV. Find out what kind of rashes to expect and which ones are serious.

    8. Seeing a Doctor: Help for Erectile Dysfunction

      Erectile dysfunction is a delicate topic, and your doctor should be sensitive and caring to make you comfortable about sharing these intimate details of your private life.

    9. Sex Therapy & Other Counseling

      Couples facing challenges in the bedroom may want to consider some form of sex therapy.

    10. Diagnosing Erectile Dysfunction

      WebMD explains how erectile dysfunction is diagnosed.

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