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    Understanding Male Sexual Problems -- Symptoms

    What Are the Symptoms of Sexual Problems in Men?

    The symptoms of sexual problems in men include:

    • Lack of sexual desire, sexual fantasies, or interest in sexual contact
    • Inability to have or maintain any erection
    • Inability to have or maintain an erection sufficient for sexual functioning
    • Inability to reach an orgasm despite adequate sexual stimulation and signs of arousal
    • Ability to achieve orgasm only after an unusually lengthy period of stimulation
    • Ability to achieve orgasm only during masturbation or during oral sex
    • Ability to achieve orgasm only in situations that are considered bizarre or taboo, such as fetishes
    • Difficulty controlling the timing of orgasm and ejaculation, so that it occurs very early in sexual contact, leaving the other partner dissatisfied
    • Lack of ejaculation
    • Persistent erection unassociated with sexual desire
    • Bloody ejaculation (This can be frightening but is usually not serious.)


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    Call Your Doctor Immediately or Go to an Emergency Room If:

    You have an extended or painful erection, unrelated to sexual desire, lasting more than a few hours.

    Call Your Doctor About Sexual Problems If:

    • You or your partner are experiencing significant distress due to sexual dysfunction
    • Erections or intercourse are painful
    • You lack any desire for sexual contact
    • You are unable to have or maintain a usable erection
    • You are unable to have an orgasm
    • You are unable to control the timing of your orgasm, so that you ejaculate extremely early during sexual activity


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