10-Minute Easy Lower Body Workout

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Hey, thanks for joining me for another 10-minute lower body easy routine.

And as you can see, while I'm talking, they're walking.

I got Taj back here, and I got Jeff over here.

They're moving their feet.

They're doing what we call an active rest.

This is what you're going to be doing when you're in between exercises.

This routine's going to give you 10 exercises.

You do 45 seconds of work, followed by 15 seconds of rest all the way through our 10 minutes.

Let's get started.

We're going to balance on our right foot.

With the left leg, I want you to take it out to the side.

We lift it up in front.

And then we push it back.

And we continue.

We go to the side.

We push it up.

And we extend it back behind us.

All the while we're doing this, what I want you think about is keeping that core active, just like we got Taj doing.

She's got her shoulders down, away from her ears.

And most importantly, she's got that smile on her face.

We love that.

And it's a pretty smile, Taj.

I know you're smiling, too, back at home.

Jeff's doing a great job, as well.

Core active, shoulders down.

And he's working that leg.

He's also really concentrating on his balance.

That's what I want you doing at home, as well.

Don't worry about the quantity.

I want you to think about the quality.

So stand tall.


[BELL] We go front and we go back.

Last one, good.

Let's walk it out while we do our active rest.

That was our first exercise, gang.

You're doing an awesome job at home.

We've got to do the other side, though, baby.

We don't want to go half cocked, right?

So we got it set.

We get our left foot down.

We work the right side.

We take it over to the left, we go to the front, and then we go back.


We go to that side.

We go up in front, and then we go back.

And we just continue that routine.

And again, keep it nice and smooth.

We're not worried about going super-duper fast in these routines.

We just want to establish confidence and competence.

Jeff's doing it at home.

And I want you feel, inside that head of yours, that just the action itself is doing a lot to get you that strength we're looking for.

We got our hands on our hips.

We're going to the side.

We're going in front of us, and then we're going back.

Beautiful job.

We're going to the side.

We go up and we go back.

Nice job.

We've got a couple more, you guys.

How we doing?

Keep it up.



Yeah, they're working it.

So are you.

Keep it up, you guys.

We got last one.

We go side.

[BELL] We go up, and we go back.

I love it.

We're going to march in place.

We've got to move on to exercise number three.

We're breathing.

We're moving our bodies.

This is a good thing.

Here we go.

We take our feet out nice and wide.

We're doing what we call Slide and Glides.

Toes are pointing straight ahead.

And then from here, we're just going to shift side to side, staying nice and low as we go.

After you've done a few of these, you might want to add some reaches so we get a little rotation.

So as I go down to my left, I reach and I go across my body, reaching nice and low.

If you're not feeling all that mobile in your hips, you can maybe just go to your knees.

Don't worry about going super low.

If you feel like you have that space, get on down there.

Touch that toe and just let that heat build up in the thighs.

You're working your inner, outer thighs.

You're working your glutes.

We're stretching out that groin.

Lots of good stuff is happening as we do these Slide and Glides.

Yes, we're moving.

We've got a couple more reps, you guys.

Stay with me now.

Breathe for me at home.

I don't want you to hold that breath.

You got it.

For five more seconds, you can do this.

Come on, last two.

And last one.

Let's stand up, baby.

We got to march in place.

And we are doing it.

This is what we call our active rest, yep.

We're going to go right into another Wax On, Wax Off exercise.

We take our feet out nice and wide, toes pointed to the side.

Knees follow those toes.

Sink your tailbone down for me.

Nice, low stance.

Cross the arms at the bottom.

And then we're going to press up high to the sky, stretching up nice and high.

And then we sink back down and in.

We rise up on an exhale, and we drop on an inhale.

Let the knees track the toes, yes?

How we doing, Taj?


Great, you guys.

And again, just like Taj is doing, at home I want you thinking about this nice deep descend, and then that wonderful extension of those arms up there.

Because we want to get range of motion for that body.

Again, just think of calm tempo as you're doing this stuff.

Jeff's doing the same thing.

Excellent extension, and allowing that deep, deep, deep bend to go down at the bottom.

As he rises up, he's reaching those arms as high as he can.

Couple more for me now.

Let's drop.

And then let's rise, you guys.

A couple more, last three.

Last two of these, come on now.

[BELL] Last one of these, yes.

And let's finish it up with an active rest.

We're moving and grooving.

The next exercise we're going to do, we call Plie Squats, you guys.

Similar, but a little bit different.

And I'll show you how.

We take the feet out nice and wide as we sink on down into it.

We're dropping down into this one wax on, wax off.

From here we're going to take our right arm.

We're going to come to the center.



Bring it in now, smoothly going.

And then we're going to go with the opposite arm, coming into the center.


We're sweeping those arms, becoming the wax on right now.

Come on now, smooth sailing.

Smooth sailing.

I want you to pause for me.

And I want you to take your left arm to the outside.

Let that left arm sweep.

And then the right's going to join.

And we're just going to flow.

We're just going to flow.

Those arms are working on the outside.

Range of motion for me now.

Let them go.

Breathe in as we do this, you guys.

Stay nice and low if you can.

If your legs get tired, let them come up a little bit.

When you feel like you can, sink back in and let those arms go.

Come on now.

Wax off at this point.

Let the arms go.

Flow with me now.

We've got a few more seconds.

Come on.

Last five.

[BELL] Last four, last three, last two, and last one.


We're going to come and do a little active rest.

We march those feet in place.

And then we're going to do some Swinging Squats.

How we feeling?



You guys are awesome, man.

So are you at home.

We've got Swinging Squats.

We put the feet underneath our hips for me.

And all we're going to do is drop down deep into the hips, let the arms extend out, and then just rise back up.

We inhale down.

We exhale up.

Every time we sink down, what we're doing is letting the butt drop back, and let the knees track right over the toes.

We're trying to avoid, if possible, letting the knees knock in.

It's a common error.

Really imagine you've got something in between your legs as you're there, even if you have to look down at first, to make sure the knees are tracking the toes.

As you rise, like Jeff is, pull those arms in by your sides.

Activate some back muscles for me.

A few more-- sink it down, rising up.


You inhale down, exhale up.

You guys got it.

Come on now, last few.


Last one, I love it.

[BELL] And here we go now.

We're going to come down, and we rise.

Let's march.

Awesome job.

Awesome job, everybody.

Next thing we're going to do right now is we're going to take it into a little Split Squat on the right leg.

Let's take that right leg back for me.

Get on the toes back there, hands on your hips, chest tall, shoulders back.

Drop that back knee down.

Press up.

And continue.

Lower down, and press high.

Inhale down, exhale up.

Inhale down, exhale up.

We continue.

If you get tired on this one, stay up at the top.

Don't worry about dropping.

You can pause for a second-- just like you push pause on your remote-- and then come back to it when you feel strong enough.

Are you guys doing OK?



This one is a total thigh fry.

In fact, I might even see some smoke coming off Taj's thigh back here, baby.

Is that happening, Taj?

It is happening.

Is it happening for you at home?

Holy crud.

I'm feeling it and I'm not even doing it right now.

Hold on.

I got to come back to it so I can get a little thigh fry.

Here we go.

We're dropping down.

We're rising up.

Got a few more moments, you guys.

Hang in now.

Five more seconds-- you can do this.

Ah, feels so good, doesn't it?

[BELL] Last one.

Let's stand tall.

Shake that baby out.

That baby is your body, you guys.

Let's shake it out.

Let the body relax for a second.

We're going to do some curtsies to give that leg area a little rest.

Feet start together.

We're going to take it, and we're going to drop it on over to the back.

Bring it up tall.

We'll drop it the other way.

When we do this, what we're looking to do is keep that front knee right over that ankle.

So we just drop it back.

It doesn't have to be that deep.

As I go down, what I want you to think about is keeping that knee just off the ground.

Oftentimes I'll see people drop and they actually touch the knee down-- unnecessary.

Keep it off the ground.

Dropping back, rise up.

You're getting into your little buns here, you guys.

We want to make those things round and profound.

So just take your time.

Find your tempo that's working and keep it in a flow.

Little curtsy action, yes, indeed.

Woo, this is feeling good.

After those Split Squats, you feel this, yeah?

Oh, yes.

Taj has got her arms extended.

I love it.

It's because she's so exuberant.

She can't help it.

[BELL] So we've got a couple more moments.

Keep going.

And then last one, beautiful.

Active rest, you guys.

I love it.

We've got to go back to the Split Squats, right?


Are you excited about that?

I'm ready.

Are you excited about that?

I certainly hope so.

Let's do it now, you guys.

Let's take that left foot back.

We're on the ball of the foot back there.

We're standing tall, shoulders back, abs engaged.

And let's drop it.

Let's rise.

Yep, we lower down.

We press back up again.

And if you can remember, put a smile on your face.

Imagine somebody you care about is looking at you going, my god, you're exercising.

How wonderful.

And they actually look like they're enjoying it.

Why aren't I moving?

Because I'm talking.

I'm trying to catch my breath.

This is our easy routine, you guys.

You're doing an awesome job at home.

Keep it up.

Inhaling and exhaling.

Mm, mm, good.

We're building some lean muscle on that body.

That's going to burn calories off you.

Keep it going and hang in there with me.

Couple more moments, come on.

You can do it.

Are you with me, you guys?


Are you with me?

Let's do this.

Last few, come on.

Last four.

[BELL] All right, last one.

It was bad counting, but I got you there.

And we're going to come up to the top and we're going to do a little active rest.


We got one more exercise in this 10-minute lower body easy routine.

And it's going to be Knock Outs, you guys.

Our feet start together.

We got 45 seconds to go.

We're going to go to our right.

We step out, we squat.

We come to the center, we do the other side.


And we continue.

We just drop it like it's hot.

We come on back up.

To the other side we go, yes.

Tush towards the terra firma.

That's what's happening, man.

That's what that English degree got me, a little alliteration there-- tush, terra firma.

Get it down there.

Got to have fun with this, you guys.

Come on.

Let's build some strength in our legs and our minds.

All of that's going to translate to a more optimal you.

How we doing?



How you doing?

We're almost there, you guys.

Keep breathing.

Keep moving.

If you got a little sweat going, good for you.

Keep it up now.

I'm dropping it down.

I'm rising up.

We got a few more moments, you guys.

Got about three seconds, come on.

[BELL] Aw, yeah.

Here it is.

Ah, we did it, gang.

Jeff, Taj, thank you guys so much.

Thank you.

And thank you at home.

You did it.

Way to go.