10-Minute Upper Body Tone

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Hey, folks. We have a fabulous upper-body workout today. What are we going to do? We're going to be working our back, we're going to be working our shoulders, we're going to be working our triceps, and we're going to be working our biceps. This is my team back here.

Before we start, we're about to do a warm-up. Make sure you warm up. So we're going to do some circles. Loosen up that upper body so we don't get injured. Go backwards. Loosen up. Warm up. Great workout.

We're going to have fun with this, trust me. This in front of you. Loosen. Loosen up the upper body. Loose up the shoulders. Loosen up the arms. Right arm. Back of the head. Left hand on the elbow, and just stretch. Stretching the lats. Make sure you're breathing. Switch.

Same thing, other hand on the elbow. You ready for a workout? I think I am, and I know they are, too. Let's do this. First exercise is going to be back flies. Sitting on the chair, legs together, dumbbells just like this, and we're going to squeeze. Just like that. Shoulder blades touching. Just like that. Make sure your back is flat. Great job. You're doing good. Stay focused. Make sure you're breathing. It's about form, not speed. You're doing good. Five, four, three, two, one. Shake it out. Shake out your neck. Doing good. Next exercise is going to be standing shoulder dumbbell press.

Make sure that you rest between these things. I want you to have enough recovery before you start the next one. Is everybody ready? Are you ready? Let's do this. I've got to figure out what weight I'm going to do so I don't burn myself out. Standing shoulder dumbbell press. Let's go. Lock out. Lock out. You're doing good. Watch me.

Weights too heavy? Get something lighter. You're doing good. Keep it up. Keep it up. Great job. Shake it out. Shake it out. Just like this. How's everybody doing? All right. We worked our shoulders. Next exercise is going to be standing dumbbell curls. Doesn't matter about how much weight you do. You can do really, really light weight and still get a great workout. Let's go.

Standing dumbbell curls. Elbows to the side. Let's do this. Form-- come all the way up. Come all the way up. I'm not using much weight, but I'm getting an incredible workout, an incredible pump and burn, and so are you. Trust me, I know you are because if I'm tired, I think you're tired, too. So keep it up. You are doing good. All the way up. Come on. Four, three, two, one. Shake it out. Shake it out.

Next exercise is dumbbell tricep kickbacks. Just shake it out. Rest a little bit before you start the next one so you can do that set, which is so important. Everybody ready? Are you ready? Come on now. Everybody ready?
Are you ready? I know you're ready, too. Let's go.

Let's get excited to work out now. We've only got a couple of minutes to knock this out. Let's go! Elbows inside. Lock out. Just like that. Feel the tricep explode. Come on. Doing good. Doing good. I'm here with you. Watch my form. Come on. Come on. Doing good. Work out. Not using much weight, but it's burning. Three, two, one. What a workout. Shake it out. Shake it out. Shake it out.

Next exercise is going to be back flies-- dumbbell back flies. Rest up. Catch your breath. It's OK. The great thing about these things is that you don't have to use much weight to get a fabulous workout. And also with a limited amount of time, you're going to be burning a lot of calories. You're still going to be building muscle. So we're doing back flies. I'm going to stop talking and start working out because I know that's what you're here for. Let's go. You're going good. Keep it up. Make sure you're breathing. Watch my form. Incredible workout. Incredible workout. You're doing good. Halfway there. Come on, keep it up. Keep it up. Almost there. Break.

Shake it out. Shake it out. Shake those arms out. Shake them out. Right now you've got blood flowing in the muscles right now, so it's very important you're shaking it just like this. Loosey, just loose. Loosey goosey so we can recover and start the next exercise. We are almost there. Stay with me.

Standing shoulder dumbbell press. Let me get my weight here. And I think I better start working out for you. Let's go. Doing good. Watch me. Keep it up. Keep it up. I'm tired, and that's OK. It's for me to rest, and so are you. You're tired, as well. Let's go. Almost there. Time.

Great job, everybody. I know you're getting a great burn. Now, just rest up. Because I'm talking and working out, I'm actually even more tired, and so I need that rest to help you get in great shape, and I'm going to use that rest. I'm not trying to compete with anybody, and neither are you. You're competing against yourself. If you need that rest, you take it, and you're still going to get a great workout through the process. Just shake it out. Shake it out just like this. Just shake it out.

Blood's flowing through the muscles right now. Standing dumbbell curls. Let's go. This is incredible. I love my workouts, and I know you do, too. Let's go. Come up. Stay focused. We're almost there, and then you're done with it. Then you could start your day early in the morning inside your house, in your living room, in the park, anywhere, in your hotel room. Basic dumbbells, basic workout. Come on. Very little weight. Come on. Three, two, one. Shake it out. Shake it out. You're doing really, really good. I'm proud of you. Just shake it out. We are almost there.

Next exercise is going to be dumbbell tricep kickbacks. You're getting a nice pump. Everything is toned. Women-- triceps, remove the flab. Great, great exercise. Guys, you want the big horseshoes, this is the exercise to do. Let's go. Dumbbell tricep kickback. Let's go. Follow me.

I'm here with you and I'm sweating. I'm working out with you. I'm in your living room. I'm in your ear. Come on. Doing good. You're doing good. You're doing good. You're doing good. Keep it up. I'm resting. Come on. Let's go. Three, two, one. OK, that is our upper-body workout. Great job. You guys did good. Great job.