5-Minute Lunge and Squat Workout

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Hey, thanks for joining me for a five-minute medium lower body routine.

As I'm talking, they're walking. We're getting our bodies started. We're going to work it this way.

Five exercises. 45 seconds of work. 15 seconds of rest. And we'll bang it out.

Let's get started with our first one. Body weight squat. Feet hip width apart.

We're going to take the arms out in front, shoulder height. We're going to keep them there.

And we're just going to start to drop and do our squats, you guys. Breathing as we go. Inhale down, exhale up.

And I want you to find a rhythm that feels good for you. This is one of those medium workouts.

So if you've been doing it for a while, you might start to pick up the pace a little bit. If you've been going two, two, meaning two seconds down, and two seconds up, then I want you to start to pick up the pace a little bit. If you're feeling good, just keep going.

We've got Jeff back here doing an amazing job keeping the arms parallel to the earth. Because a lot of times when people do this as they squat, the hands start to drop.

I want them staying parallel to the earth. And he is doing. You're doing it too, you guys. So let's keep that up right now. Dropping it down.

Hand position? I like to clasp them here, but you could have them straight out in front. It's up to you. We've got a couple more. Come on, last two. Last one. Yes.

We've go to an active rest. We're just marching our feet, prepping for that next exercise called the pivot squat.

Let's bring our feet together, you guys. Starting here, we're going to go to our right first. We're going to sweep the leg up and out. Wherever the toes are, our knees are. And then we just pull right back into the center. Yep.

We do the other side. Sweeping out, coming right back in. Imagine you're lifting that leg up over a garden gnome. Right?

Who remembers a garden gnome? That's something from the Midwest, but I like to reference it. Right? Something small. You're stepping it over the side. Right?

Pull it right back into the center. Just alternate those steps, you guys. Drop down into it, yes? Same thing.

Now I want you to see what Warren is doing is a great job. He's got his front foot staying straight ahead when he does that pivot squat.

So when I get myself set, I keep that front foot there as I drop in. It's not going to trail me, right? It's not going to go like this and turn in. It's going to stay straight on. So that's our intention here. We go out. We got a couple more.

Last one. Here it is. Come on. Yup, into the center. And we march. Active rest. I love it.

We're going into alternate lunges next. It's a movement that exaggerates locomotion.

Here we go.

Hands on hips.

We're going with our right foot first. We go to a deep lunge forward. We push back up.

We do the opposite side, dropping down. As we do this, we're trying to keep our chest nice and tall. Shoulders back.

Now in this case, I've got Jeff demonstrating an alternative movement. If you have knee problems, you're typically not going to be going forward into this lunge right now and pressing back up.

You're actually going to go backwards. It's going to protect that knee a little bit better. So we've got Jeff doing that and he's doing an awesome job. How's that feel? Good. I love that.

Yes. So we just continue that action.

You could have your hands here. You could have your hands here. You could have them up here if you wanted. You pick your poison, but just make sure those legs are working. Stepping back.

That knee is not going beyond the toe. If I'm going forward, same thing. Knee doesn't go beyond that toe. Keep breathing. We're almost done. Keep going. And last one. Good.

Let's march in place, gang. I love it.

We're going to side lunges next. We've got to move into another plane of activity.

So we start with our feet set. We're going to go to our right side first. And here we go. We drop out wide. Arms extend.

We come back up to the center. To the other side we go. It's a nice little flow. It feels so good. Ah. Dropping down.

And when we're doing this notice they're going to keep rocking, but I've got my knee right over my toe. I've got one leg nice and long. And the other one is deep. My butt is back.

This is an incredible exercise if you want to build a better booty. There's no doubt about it. You may even see me just slap my butt. Sometimes that feels good to do, right? I'm just kidding.

Right. We drop it on down. Coming on back to the center. Sinking down. Keep the rhythm going.

Jeff is demonstrating an alternative. If you haven't yet added the movement in terms of the dynamic step, get your feet wide and just drop from side to side.

How good is that? Nice job, Jeff. You guys got a couple more. Good job, Warren. Good job at home. You're doing awesome. Last one.

Let's march, you guys. I want that rest. I want that rest. We're doing an alternate anterior reach. We're going to stand behind a cone. It could be a soup can for that matter if you don't have a cone.

Anything that could stand up a little bit. We're going to stand up tall, right? And we're going to reach our right arm and right leg in opposite directions as we reach to the cone. Down we go. Come on back up in a flow.

Other side. Reaching, touching, and come on up. Right? We just go back and forth. Stretching out.

Yes. We're getting this flexion and then we get extension. We're looking for both of those actions. And I just fell over. If that happens to you in life, play with it. Don't beat yourself up and go, oh, my gosh. I just failed that exercise. No, no, no, no. It's a part of the experience. And I go right back to it.

Drop and rise. Drop and rise. I want to make sure I get this flexion and then full extension as I stand tall.

In this case, Jeff is touching down in the back for extra balance. Warren is keeping his foot off the ground, right? We've got a couple more, you guys. Stay with me. Stay strong at home.

Last two and last one. We are done. We just completed a five-minute middle intensity lower body workout. [MUSIC PLAYING]