5-Minute Shoulder and Arm Workout

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Hey, thanks for joining us for a five minute tough upper body routine.

Today, this is going to be broken down like this. We've got five exercises. Each one will be done for 45 seconds with a 15 second rest.

I've got AC joining me and Val. And we're all going to be using a little bit something different. I got a little heavier dumbbells, a little lighter. And she's using some weighted balls. If you don't have any of these things, maybe use some soup cans at home or something like that.

Let's grab our weights, you guys, and get this party started. So as we do this, the feet go underneath the hips, a little bend in the knees. We press those arms up high to the sky, palms facing forward. We drop the right arm down and we press it high. We do the left arm. And we press it high.

And we just continue to alternate, right and left. We're always keeping one up high stretching it as we drive the other one down. And then take it back up again to meet it. Continue that action.

As you're doing this, I want you to remember to breathe at home. It's so often very easy, when you're doing exercises like this, to focus on the contraction and we're holding our breath. I want it to flow, so it feels good. In this case, AC is doing a great job keeping her knees bent.

I know you're doing the same thing there. And trying to get as much extension as she possibly can. I'm going to join in for the last couple here, you guys. Be strong now and finish it up. Going down. Going high. Last one. Yes, and there it is to finish it up.

Exercise two is coming your way. We're going to put our weights down on our mat. And we're going to have them underneath our hands, which are underneath our shoulders.

We're doing a renegade row. We set ourselves up. Shoulders directly over wrists. Step those feet back. And now we're going to alternate some rows here, We draw our right arm into the side. And we pull it down to the ground. And we go the other way.

And just continue, you guys. You roll the elbow in. Place it down and do the opposite side. When you're pulling in, I want you to really try to draw the elbow right in along your ribs. And that's where we're exhaling.

So as I'm moving that weight, boom, I'm going up. Exhale, pull. And then inhale and releasing. Yes.

If I can't do it from my feet, you're going to see AC is giving us an example of this. It's called an assisted position. She's down on her knees. Her abs are still strong. And she's doing the same exercise, getting the same benefit. As she starts to develop her strength, we're going to get her up off of those knees and get her on to the feet. Good job, you guys.

Last two. Come on. Last one and pause. Sit back for a second. We're moving on. Push your dumbbells off to the side, you guys, or whatever weights you got. We're doing a push up with a t rotation next. So we set our hands nice and wide. Step those feet back nice and deep. And then, from here, with the core engaged, we lower down to a push up.

And then, we rotate. Right arm high to the sky. Come on back down. Do another push up. Rotate to the sky. You work at your own tempo here, gang. Now, I want to pay attention to something here. When I'm going to rotate my feet, I'm going to show you what I'm looking for. So I do this push up and when I rotate, my feet turn on the edges.

I want to see that from you at home. Give yourself that extra little base of support. How we doing back there, girls? Yes. They're doing awesome. You're doing awesome. Keep this up, you guys.

A couple more, you got a couple more in you? Yes? Come on. Last ones. Let's be strong now. We're going up. Come on now. Last one. Get it up there. Yes, and beautiful. Let's pause.

Looking good. We got to get up to our feet. Can you do it? Can you do it, most importantly? Let's get up. Grab your weights that you got. Bend your knees to do it. We want to be safe. We're going to do a wide bent over row with a little scarecrow. Feet hip width apart. We start to bow. Arms hang down with the palms facing back. We pull those elbows up.

And then we kick the hand out to the side. Bring them in. And drop it down. Pull up. Kick out. Bring it in and drop it down. Continue this action for the 45 seconds. And I pull. I push. I release. And I drop. Continue.

Now, when we're doing this, gang, make sure to keep the knees bent. It's really important we protect our back that way. Another thing that you could do if this set position with the feet side by side is too much, you could have one foot back. It's called offset. Just to relax the back even more. But they're doing great. They don't even need it.

I know you're doing great, too. Keep the reps going. We're almost there. I'm going to join the last ones. Come on, baby. Last one, push it out. And breathe. Stand tall.

March the feet for a second. We got one more. It's called a bicep curl to an Arnold press. And it's about to happen. So what do we do? We start with the palms facing forward. Knees slightly bent. We squeeze up. Palms face in. We press them high overhead. Palms out. We bring it right back in. And we release it down. Squeeze up. Press high. Bring it in. And drop it down. Squeeze up. Press high. Bring it in. And drop it down. Continue.

Now again, when we do this, if at any point with the weights that you're using it feels like it's just too much and I can't get any more reps out, put the weights down. And do the same darn movement without weights. But keep your body moving the whole time. We want to build that mindset that says, hey, I'm not going to stop for these 45 seconds. And if I can push myself more, I sure as heck will. It just depends on your energy that day. Come on. Last few reps. This is it. Squeeze it up. Push it out. And bring it down. And hey man, we are done.

Great job out there. Thanks for joining me for this tough upper body workout.