Chair Yoga: Focus on Your Posture and Breath

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Sit tall in your chair. Let's practice good posture by sitting in mountain pose. Place your feet flat on the floor with your toes pointing forward. Stack your knees over your ankles. Point your tailbone directly down at the chair, balancing on your ischial tuberosities. Stack your shoulders over your hips and suspend your head and neck over the center of your pelvis.

A side view demonstrates head placement. Make sure you're not practicing forward head carriage by bending over a book, a chart, or a computer screen, by stacking the center of your ear along the center of your shoulder. Now, let's talk about breathing. Let's breathe from your abdomen all the way up to your chest. On the inhale and exhale from your chest to your abdomen. On your inhale, expand your abdomen, expand your chest and rib cage.

On your exhale, allow your chest and rib cage to relax all the way down to your belly, drawing your navel in towards your spine. Let your breath be in and out through your nostrils. Let the breath be deep, slow, continuous, and soundless.