Easy 5-Minute Mobility Warm-Up

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Hey, gang.

I've got a five minute dynamic mobility routine for you that's going to get the blood flowing.

It's going to warm up the core muscle temperature, and it's going to mimic movements that'll follow in any of the workouts you're going to choose from us.

The way it's going to work is we've got 10 exercises.

We'll do about 30 seconds each, and we'll take you right through it.

So we're going to start with some simple neck rolls.

Feel comfortably underneath you.

Just let your right ear fall toward your right shoulder, and then let that head roll through the center of the chest.

Take it up to the left side.

And just go back and forth here for 30 seconds or so.

Just loosely letting that neck go right and left.

How's that feel back there? Great, you guys.

Just starting from the top down, doing those very easy, gentle neck rolls.

All right.

Loosen it up, starting easy.


Good, good, good.

We've got about five more seconds with this.

Just let that chest be a part of the action as the chin comes toward it.


All right.

We're going to move into some shoulder mobilization.

We're going to start with taking those shoulders backwards with some big arm swings, you guys.

Just let them go.

We're going to do this for about 15 seconds or so.

Big circles.

And again, if you're working with any limitations, you may just kind of make them a little smaller.

Just in here, do what you can, but our goal is range of motion.


We're going to go the other way with that.

So we're going to swing those things forward now.

Same thing.

Let those arms flow.

Let those arms flow.

How we doing back here?

How are you doing at home, right?

Nothing too crazy so far?

Big circles.

Here we go.

In about three, in two, and one.

We're going to go into loose arm swings.

We just let those arms be so free of tension, devoid of rigidity that they just slap right up against the body.

And again, our legs are comfortably underneath us.

We have a little bend to our knees, right?

And we're just letting little rotation happen here.

How sweet it is.

Just starting that motion now.

Easy does it.

And you can adjust the speed as you feel ready to do so.

We've got a couple more seconds.

All right.


Let's put our hands now on our hips, and we're going to do some hip rotations.

We're going to sweep them around.

We're going to go one direction for about 15 seconds.

We want to push them out, push them forward, push them to the side, and back.

And again, just start easy.

Don't jam it into any position.

And if it feels ready to do so, you could speed it up a little bit.

But get it going.

And let's go the other way.

We're going to switch it up, right?

Sweeping them around, hip rotations.

Nice and easy, you guys.

Good stuff.

Moving them, moving them, moving them.

Creating mobility, right?

That's what we want to be doing.


A couple more.

And then we're going to take it a little lower.

We're going to go downstairs.

Let's put our feet together.

And then we're going to push our knees together, right?

We keep that connection, and we start to do the little rotations there, as well.

And when we do these, and when you do them at home, I want you to just think about little, tiny movements here.

It doesn't have to be too much.

We're going to go 15 seconds in one direction, and then we're going to turn it the other way.

And that's happening now.

Let's flip it around.

Are those knees staying connected back there?

Are those knees staying connected at home?


Just moving and grooving, baby.

Taking them around, taking them around.

Last couple here.

Last one.

And then we're going to stand on up.

We're going to do some squats, working the full body here.

Feet underneath your hips.


And from here, we're just going to drop it like it's hot.

Arms go out, arms come in.

Up and down we go, you guys.

Try to keep those knees tracking right over those toes.

Try to avoid knocking the knees.

And again, when you do these little squats,

we want to make sure the butt goes back first

and not the knees knocking out in front of us.


So keep doing those simple squats, breathing as you go.

Remember to breathe.

We're just warming it up.

We've got a few more of the squats.

Come on now.

Up and down, we go.


Last two.

And last one.

We're going to alternating anterior reaches.

We're going to take your right arm and your right leg.

We're going to reach down across our body.

We're going to stand tall.

We're going to go the other way.

And just keep alternating it, you guys.

And again, if you're nursing any kind of injury, you don't have to go that deep.

So I could just kind of go like this, right?

I don't have to get down to the ground.

I don't have to touch as far down there as I possibly can.

I can keep it nice and shallow if I need to.

How are we doing?

Excellent, you guys.

So last couple of these little anterior reaches.

Come on.

Up and down we go.


Last one.


We're going side to side.

We're going right.

And we're going left.

You could keep your hands on your hips.

You could let those arms swing.

You decide what works for you.


And you can turn up the dial, or you could turn it down.

So how do I do that?

I could get wider, right?

I could get lower, right?

Or I could go faster or slower.

You turn the dial.

But keep your body moving sideways.

Nice and easy.

Body is now starting to warm up even that much more.

We're picking up the intensity.

You've got a few more seconds here, you guys.


And then we've got three.

We've got two.

We got one.

We're going into PNF crunches.

Arms up, and we'll crunch across our body-- elbow to knee.

Bring it in, baby.


Let me tell you.

If you're not a good dancer, this is a good place to start.

I'll pull this one out first on Friday night.

And it gets everything going right.

If you believe that, you're crazy.

That's why I dance alone, people.

But we'll go right here.

Elbow to knee.

Keep working. Across that body, baby.

Oh, yeah.


Whole body's being used here, you guys.

Come on.

Last few.

We got five.

We got four.

We got three.

We got two.

We got one.

Let's put those feet down.

Put the arms up.

And we're going to stretch up.

We're going to reach overhead, right?

Opposite side of my body.

Now with your lower body, right, in this case right

here, we got Elisa keeping her heels down.

So she's just stretching up like this.

If you're feeling limited and your reach isn't so great, follow Elisa. Keep the heels down.

If you want to reach a little more, back here we've got Jonathan coming off the heel and then maybe even adding a little rotation now, so letting the hips turn, pivoting the foot.

So a lot of different ways to make this happen.

And let's do some Jumping Jacks.

Let's go.

Last finishing movements.

Last five.




And one.

We got it done.

You got the five minutes dynamic mobility in the bank.