3 Things to Keep in Your Gym Bag

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Clothes, check.

Towel, check.

You've got more room in your gym bag.

So what else do you need to work out?

Here are three things to keep in your gym bag.

Number one, a tennis ball.

Before a workout, you still might be sore and tight from your last session.

Put a tennis or lacrosse ball on the floor, and give yourself a massage from your shoulders all the way to your feet.

Find your tight muscles, and focus the ball right on those areas.

Consider this yellow, fuzzy ball your personal masseuse.

Number two, a jump rope.

It's not just for kids on the playground.

You can get a serious workout in with your jump rope.

And if you're already in shape, this can be a great warm-up before your workout.

You'll need two more people if you want to go double dutch.

Number three, tea bags.

After a workout, you probably throw those sweaty clothes and shoes in your bag and zip it up.

That's a stink bomb waiting to explode the next time you open up your bag.

Throw in some tea bags or dryer sheets, which will absorb moisture and give off a more pleasant aroma.

Just don't make any tea with them afterwards.

Now you and your gym bag are ready for action.